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‘I’ts only acting, I’m not Njeza!’, Khanyiso Makhanya cry for help as fans attack him for abusing Nosipho on Uzalo

He’s only acting! Uzalo viewers attack Nkanyiso Makhanya for portraying Njeza

Uzalo actor, Nkanyiso Makhanya, who plays the role of Njeza on the show says he’s attacked by viewers for his monstrous role.

Viewers started attacking Makhanya when his character got involved in a gender-based violence storyline on the show.

He told Daily Sun that fans think he’s Njeza when they meet him and forget he’s Nkanyiso in real life.

The actor says he even gets attacked by men who angrily tell him to stop beating up Nosipho (Nompilo Maphumulo).

He says he calmly explains to fans on the stress that he’s not the monstrous character he plays on the show.

“The person they’re speaking to is Nkanyiso. Some understand and some don’t.”

Makhanya also says he feared he would’ve been beaten up by some fans as he is very convincing on the show.

He also told the People’s Paper that the fact that he’s also harassed by male audiences is a good thing because it means that not all men are abusers.

“There are those who hate abuse and are willing to fight those who engage in gender-based violence.”

“The second thing is, I’m now sure I play this character excellently.”


Njeza has been beating up Nosipho for the past few weeks and blaming his actions on his upringing.

Njeza watched his father beating up his mother when he was growing up and is now beating his girlfriend.

Makhanya states his character has tried a number of things to stop beating Nosipho, including prayers to cast away his demons but nothing has worked.

“He pretends he’s changed but ends up doing it again. After he apologises, Nosipho forgives him.”

Njeza will be arrested and sentenced to ten years for physically abusing his girlfriend this month.

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