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Khwezi is an undercover cop. See how she will destroy Lehasa

Lehasa and Khwezi always fight…

They have nothing in common, Khwezi on the other hand always reveals something shocking about Lehasa.

Lehasa also is not even aware on how Khwezi knows all these things about him. Lehasa knows about scheming himself, how can he not notice something off about Khwezi.

They always fight everyday, Khwezi always apologizes to Lehasa. There are so many wrong things that are happening in this relationship.

Khwezi only decided to have a relationship with Lehasa because they both do not like the Mavimbelas. This relationship will definitely end sooner than they are expecting.

The only person who would have stayed longer in a relationship with Lehasa is Pretty, unfortunately they had to end things because of the fight between Lehasa and Kwaito.

Khwezi definitely knows what kind of a person Lehasa is and she will never allow herself to spend the rest of her life with him.

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