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Muvhango’s Susan Gets Arrested For Murder 

Muvhango’s Susan Gets Arrested For Murder

Muvhango’s Susan never seems to catch a break. Just as her life was starting to look up again, Tenda comes and messes it up.

According to TVSA’s August teasers, Susan (Maumela Mahuwa) is going to get arrested after Tenda frames her for murder.

Susan gets arrested
Muvhango’s Susan gets arrested (Image Credit: Twitter via @MuvhangoSA)

Conniving Tendamudzimu Mudau (Nathaniel Ramabulana)  was not happy when Susan was elected as mayor. He tried to make Susan her ally but she refused. Infuriated by her refusal to work with him, Tenda is going to implicate Susan in the murder of the former mayor.

1st of July teasers read;

Susan gets elected as mayor. Tenda wants to be her ally and is angered when she rejects him. He decides to set her up for the murder of the former mayor.

Susan is going to get arrested and jailed for murder.

Muvhango viewers are not happy with Susan’s storyline. Fans are now convinced that the writers hate her as nothing good ever happens to her and if it does it is always short-lived or there are implications to it. Viewers think that the writers are too harsh with her character role. Some viewers have even started threatening to boycott watching the drama series.

On the other hand, they also bemoaned how Tenda always seems to get away with everything. He has gotten away with killing people, stealing from companies, and many more.  He never gets to pay for his crimes.

Here are some of the reactions;

@Mmalerato Jane

The writer of muvhango hate Susan, she smiles few times n many times she’s crying. Y it must be Susan all the time enough is enough if it’s not Tenda hating Susan it’s papa azwe.. Aowa this time give her a break

@Lù Happiness Timandze;

I think my days of watching muvhango are coming to an endthe writers really hate her shame,why can’t she just be happy for sometime nje 

Moraka Makhafola Lesetja Samuel

I will watch muvhango the day Susan is living the life of her dreams….

Pinkie Stwo Molebatsi Reetsakgosi

When will Susan be happy in life, why do you hate her that much.

Muvhango is boring 

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