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New Ieaked images of Andile and Tamia Mpisane’s wedding floods social media

In Pictures: New leaked images of Andile and Tamia Mpisane’s wedding floods social media

On 17 December 2021, social media was buzzing as Andile Mpisane shocked Mzansi when he married Tamia Louw dumping his baby mama Sithelo in the eleventh hour. Even a few weeks after their marriage Mzansi is still in shock. Andile and Sithelo were madly in love and had two kids together. Prior to his wedding Andile even showered Sithelo with a million-dollar BMW.

The ceremony took place at the lavish million-dollar mansion of LaLucia owned by the Mkhizes. But in the mix of things new photos of the whole lobola ceremony have flooded social media and Mzansi can’t get enough of the Andile and Tamia’s ceremony.

New pictures of Andile Mpisane and Tamia Louw’s wedding floods social media

On 17 December Andile’s family went to Tamia’s home to pay lobola. The paying of lobola meant she became Andile’s wife traditionally. The lobola negotiations were done traditionally  Tania was covered in a blanket and Andile Mpsane’s family paid the money to form a union relationship between his family and the Louw’s.

Tamia Louw during Umemulo ceremony (Source Savannanews)
Tamia Louw during Umemulo ceremony (Source Savannanews)

After the ceremony, Tamia was taken to his marital home the LaLucia mansion. Tamia spent a lot of time bonding with her mother on the day.

However pictures we’ve seen from the wedding are those from the mansion; when Tamia changed from her traditional green attire to a leopard print traditional attire, Andile asked her to marry him, and she said yes; Tamia took various pictures with her new family members, this including the famous influencer who is also Andile’s sister Sibahle Mpisane.

What we’ve learned about Tamia’s family from the new viral images

Prior to Tamia changing her surname to Mpisane, she was Tamia Louw. She comes from a Zulu family with Coloured roots.

Tamia's family (Source Savannanews)
Tamia’s family (Source Savannanews)

Tamia’s family upholds cultural and traditional practices and values; we’ve learned this as we saw pictures of her Umemulo ceremony.

Things we’ve learned from the new pictures

Tamia comes from a modest background, her home is not a mansion, but her family is doing well financially. She was making a decent living as a model and influencer prior to her marriage.

More Pictures from the ceremony:

Pictures from the Umemulo ceremony (Source Instagram)
Images from the Umemulo ceremony (Source Instagram)

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