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RICH AUNT: Generations The Legacy actress Fikile’s age, shocks Mzansi

RICH AUNT: Generations The Legacy actress Fikile’s age, shocks Mzansi

Actress Refilwe Madumo currently plays the role of Rich Aunt Fikile Maponya on Generations The Legacy. The youthful divorcee and mother of two sets Generations The Legacy on fire with her fashion and bling antics. A goal-getter who do not hesitate to fall in love, Fikile shocked the world when she dated her ex-boyfriend Kumkani Phakade‘s son Mpho.

Fikile on Generations The Legacy
Fikile on Generations The Legacy: Image Credit @Instagram

Troubled and followed by a dark cloud hovering around her, the allegations that she orchestrated her jewellery heist to cash in on insurance money is a pain in her life.

On Generations The Legacy, Fikile divorced businessman and father of her children Ben Mpofu. She got her fair hare share of Ben’s wealth through a divorce, enough to set her for life. Credit to her, she is a hard worker, jewellery and fashionista with acute business acumen.

Refilwe Madumo
Refilwe Madumo: Image Credit @Instagram

Fikile is a risk-taker, an investor with the pure talent of sniffing potential in small businesses. Being a childhood of the Queen of Gomora Lucy Diale – the role played by Manaka Ranaka has its adverse effects, Fikile is frequently implicated in the bent lifestyle of her friend.

Fikile on Generations The Legacy Real Age

Onscreen, Refilwe Madumo plays Fikile, a mother in her late forties compared to her thirty-two-year-old real-life age. Fikile was born on 11 February 1989 and celebrates her birthdays privately. On Generations The Legacy, Fikile is mother to Bonga Mpofu – the role played by Tabile Tau, a school going teenager and rugby player who is nineteen years old, making it biologically reasonable that Fikile is in her late 40s.


Growing up, Refilwe encountered a lot; she survived a rape attempt when gun seeking robbers stormed into their household and roughed up her parents. She revealed police rescued her when she was about to be raped in front of her children. Refilwe said that the perpetrators are currently serving a jail sentence of fifty years.

Refilwe Madumo on Generations The Legacy
Refilwe Madumo on Generations The Legacy: Image Credit @Instagram

The mother of two twins is forever grateful for what her life has turned into; humbled by poor background, Refilwe used her talent to escape poverty. She has several films and series under her belt, but she stormed the television scene by playing the role of HIV positive Pasela on Scandal.

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