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RIP: Nonkanyiso dies, aged 22 leaving the whole of Mzansi in shock

After watching Uzalo for a while, we were engrossed by every sensation. We also enjoyed seeing Nonkanyiso’s journey from adolescence through her marriage to Sbonelo.

The way Nonkanyiso grew up and the way we’ve found a way to honor her since she was a child have made her a role model for many small children. If she somehow found a way out of the Uzalo concert at this point, it would be a huge embarrassment for her and the rest of the audience.

Uzalo viewers were left stunned and bewildered by Nonkanyiso’s injury, which appeared out of nowhere. Everyone seems to agree that she’s going to fail because she’s been acting erratically lately.

We don’t know for sure if Nonkanyiso will kick the bucket on Uzalo, but we’re predicting something utterly terrifying. Which translation do you prefer

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