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Scandal actor Joe Kazadi ‘Mukuna’ set to exit the show

Scandal actor Joe Kazadi’ Mukuna’ is set to exit the show.

When Joe Kazadi joined the show playing the role of Mukuna, many fans were impressed. His deals with Mdala led to the latter’s arrest after fighting with Nhlamulo. The actor had to look for a new partner after his old one was gone, and he found the Kubeka family, which was in substantial money problems. However, tonight the family fight off their enemy, and it will lead in death.

There was trouble in paradise since he started his partnership with the Kubeka Family. In the current storyline, Mukuna was holding them at ransom after witnessing a tragic death at their workstation caused by Jojo. However, in the mix of things, the Kubekas tried to wipe out the evidence Mukuna had against them by letting their daughter Dudu fake a relationship with Makuna.

Joe Kazadi as Mukuna in Scandal
Joe Kazadi as Mukuna in Scandal-Image Source(Instagram/officialetvscandal)

Joe Kazadi ‘Mukuna’ from Scandal set to exit the show

The plan went south after the celebrated thug found out that he was being played in the mix of things. However, he was attacked by Zen, who managed to take away the last piece of evidence he had. Well, he went after them, but it ended in tragedy. Mr Kubeka blows Makuna’s car after he faked to have struck a deal with Makuna.

Joe Kazadi
Joe Kazadi-Image Source(Instagram/King Kazadi)

The incident happened whilst Makuna had used Mrs Kubeka as part of his revenge, but everything went south. His exit saddened Mzansi. No doubt his storyline was capped with drama and thrills. His Makuna on-screen character has been wowing Mzansi since he switched the floor from Mzansi’s most-watched drama series Uzalo to Scandal. Viewers showered showrunners because their plot and storyline has turned the etv drama series into one of the most-watched soap operas of late. Well, Mzansi awaits his next on-screen character as he kisses Scandal goodbye.

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