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Scandal Lera and Zen caught pants down by Mbali doing the deed

Indeed an idle mind is the devil’s play ground!

Now that they are both unemployed and spend the whole days lonely in that big house while everyone else is out at work, Lera and Zen workout on a plan to pass time.

In Lera’s world there are no boundaries, same as Zen’s. During the Thursday episode the two had a game of table tennis. Tonight Lera gets more cosy and invites me to join her for swimming.

But how will that end? The two are pron to be caught and thia will paint a very bad picture which might result in her being kicked out of the Kubeka residence.

Already no one in the house likes the idea of her staying over, but they are doing it because they owe her and are the cause of her losing her job. Any silly mistake she will be kicked out.

Friday 14 January 2022 Episode 3998

Unforeseen consequences and risks put lives in jeopardy. A friend tries to broker peace between a married couple and ends up shocked by what is revealed to him. Zen is thrown off balance.

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