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Siyacela Left Mzansi Disappointed After They Allegedly Noticed This About Him In #IsencaneLengane

Source: Hashtag #IsencaneLengane Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

#IsencaneLengane fans have just realized that Siyacela doesn’t get along with anyone. He is now pushing away Thando from her family. After this episode mzansi is covered that Siyacela Hates everyone who is telling the truth including his own family and family members.

Viewers of #IsencaneLengane were left angry after seeing Siyacela taking his baby because MaMashangu had her baby. From the very first episode Siyacela has never liked her. He accused MaMashangu of gossiping about him ad refusing to give them food. From that episode he never liked her.

Viewers were left happy after seeing Thando’s mother telling the truth tha Thando did not want to hear. Thando is behaving like she is an orphan while she have a family and her in laws. She’s staying in people’s houses with people she does not know because she is following Siyacela.

Thando now does what Siyacela do without thinking thoroughly. Siyacela has burnt bridges with all family members and wants the same for Thando.

She listen to Siyacela when he said that he was her to come back with a baby without thinking about the consequences of the actions. In the last episode Thando was struggling to do things and she was getting the help from people she does not know. With all the support which has, she could have given birth at the Dlamuka where they will be teaching her about being a mother.

There is no girl who doesnt know that when she gives birth she must go home to the elder women of her family or if she’s married, her husband’s family. Thando is claiming that she didnt know. She is busy saying that she stopped depending on her family the day she got married when she was 16 years. Thandonhas forgotten that she was getting money from her mother when she was at school since Siyacela was not working. Thando was getting R10 everyday from Siyacela’s father.

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