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#SkeemSaam Noah is a Snake. See How he will Destroy The Maputla Family

Noah makes an amazing phone choice to Leeto edifying him with respect to what he has been up to since he was caught, Leeto didn’t expect anything from Noah because to the degree he understands that Noah has moved away from prison. 

Noah looked incredible and happy to do what he is busy with in prison. I figure Noah may be arising out of prison extremely soon because of the advantageous things he does on prison on joining the drives. 

What will Leeto do now to check whether Noah is genuinely in prison without a doubt. I figure he will follow the call unquestionably on the off chance that Noah is at this point in prison. 

The Maputla house can’t be getting a break from the Matloga family even with Bra Sikes on expecting to clean his money at the Maputla convenience store. 

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