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#SkeemSaam Mzansi Calling Meikie To Show Them Uncle Samuel

#SkeemSaam is showing these SA producers that not every show has to have drug lords, murderers, criminals, witches in order to make it interesting. We love Skeem Saam becouse it entertains and educates. Our kids want to be pilots like Leshole, they wanna be chefs like Kat etc.

Leeto is right. This is John’s fault and I don’t understand why he doesn’t take accountability. I’m not condoning what John did but his apology was that of a real man. He gets it. Even if he ends up doing something like this again but aslong as he gets it. 

I found myself screaming to my TV asking Mapitsi “kore wena your concern is only about the wedding.

Im sure if the Maputla didn’t know MaNtuli’s struggles, they would be respecting them. That they are disgusted because it’s MaNtuli. They weren’t even this mean to Charity and we can figure out why. “I want to see you doing good but not better than me”, Meikie said 

We can’t stop to hear who is Leeto‘s real father. That advice that Meikie gave it to MaNtuli when she needed one, when she say “If it means she have to go the grave with Secret so be it”. We want to see if she can be able to go to the grave with such secret. Me and the rest of SkeemSaam viewers are patiently waiting to see Uncle Samuel. Probably he passed away years back before Leeto was born and his pictures got burnt in a fire that happened. 

Meiki is not remorseful with shooting Kwaito she’s actually wanted him dead how low and pathetic instead of telling Leeto’s real ID. She’s busy playing killer and Saint ain’t a secret that Leeto is their adoptive son she should be arrested and rot in jail.

#Skeem_Saam is the only TV show that gives Viewers what they want! we asked why Leeto is the only yellow bone in the Mapulta’s and indeed Leeto bought out the topic. We asked for skeem saam to play for about an hour or more and indeed on Friday they will give us what we asked for. And again we complained about Mantuli’s Marathon(she’s been running a lot for the past few weeks) and SkeemSaam listened to us now MaNtuli is resting like a baby at the hospital. Bathong lets give SkeemSaam a round of applause. 

Now can you please SkeemSaam, let Lizzy and her mom exchange their hairstyles. Lizzy must give principal that vintage hairstyle. And also principal must give Lizzy that Bonding atleast.

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