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Vho Mkondeleli Is Still Alive See What Happened To Her 

Vho Mkondeleli Is Still Alive See What Happened To Her

As we as a whole know that mkhondeleli has wound up arrived in emergency clinic where she is in a coma all beacause of phony Gugu (Nomasonto and Rosemary) who claimed to be Gugu and needed to carry on with the existence of Gugu and needed to take all that had a place with Gugu .

Anyway everything that didn’t occur in light of the fact that reality has its own particular manner of uncovering itself ,So the two of them got captured and Gugu was free.

Anyway mukhondeleli still didn’t awaken from her medical clinic bed and mulimisi uncovered that they need to take care of Mkhondeleli sitaution since where she was she felt hazardous .

So the family had chosen to end the existence backing of mkhondeleli so she can be liberated from torment.

Anyway on tonights episode it appears like,mukhondeleli is as yet alive and they are just sitting tight for the endorsement of mulalo,who is the granchild of mkhondeleli.

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