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Winnie changes her mind about giving Mbali her baby 

Mbali problems are far from over after lying to Jojo again last night about her pregnancy which is something that Jojo has been concerned about.

But this time things are getting more difficult for her because her sister Winnie fors not want to give her unborn child to them, because she feels like her sister is playing a dangerous game with her.

This comes after Mbali made a deal with her sister so that she can sleep with her so that she can be pregnant with her husband’s child becuase she cannot be pregnant again.

Winnie changes her mind about giving Mbali her baby

But these lies are starting to be heavy on her shoulders because last night she lied again about being a doctor from the hospital, which is something that she was not happy about and she started to feel bored about this issue.

Is it over for Mbali or will she keep on lying to her husband who has given her a second chance.

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