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Moshe Ndiki welcomes twin boys

Congratulations to South African television personality and actor Moshe Ndiki, who has just announced that he is the father of two healthy twin boys.

Named Thalanda Alexander Moshe Ndiki and Ntaba Lehlohonolo Siyolo Ndiki, Moshe announced their arrival through a heartfelt post on social media.

In early 2023, an excited Moshe Ndiki took to social media to announce that he was expecting twins via surrogacy.

“Today we went on our final “can we tell people” scan, and I couldn’t be happier. What a journey, what a dream come true.”

Moshe noted that keeping the news a secret was not easy, as he always wanted to be a dad.

“I’ve prayed for this miracle of just being a dad and also for this gift to myself on my 31st birthday, my mom, who is now a soon-to-be grandmother. I have no words for God’s mercy and love for me.”

He revealed that over the past few years, he had been building a life where “I and my child could be good, comfortable, safe, loved, and God.” Moshe and his surrogate have a healthy relationship.

“It’s a funny story how that happened, but I thank God, my surrogate, my surrogate husband, and my family. My egg donor, thank you.

“This journey is not for the faint-hearted, and it’s been documented well. For those waiting, for those trying, for those interested.”

“I and my surrogate have been calling each other “mzali we twins.” It’s always surreal, but we prayed over that term because pregnancy is tricky; it’s sensitive and scary. She’s my real-life hero.”

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