Results of what led to the death of the 21 youths in Enyobeni received 

Enyobeni mourning: Results of what led to the death of the 21 youths received

The Eastern Cape Government confirmed on Thursday that the results of what led to the death of 21 young people at the Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park in East London had been received.

It was reported earlier that all the young people who died had methanol in their bodies.

Further tests were carried out over the past 2 weeks to determine if the levels of methanol in the young people’s bodies were lethal.

The children may have died after drinking an illegal brew containing methanol, a toxic alcohol used in industry. It is not meant to be drunk.

A stampede, alcohol and carbon monoxide poisoning have therefore been ruled out as a possible cause for the 21 young people’s death.

The families will be informed on Friday and only then will the results be announced.

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