UZ Student Launches Detergent Amid Covid-19

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Zimbabwe 🇿🇼: University of Zimbabwe student leader Mr. Tafadzwa Shoko has launched a brand of detergents called Powerfresh. Powerfresh has a wide range of detergents or cleaning materials namely Dish washer, scouring powder and toilet cleaner and multipurpose surface cleaner.   

Speaking to Varsity News, Tafadzwa Shoko a Level 2 Agricultural economics student at the University of Zimbabwe said that he personally developed the formula of these detergents. According to Mr. Shoko his inspiration is drawn from his parents.   “I am inspired by my parents who always support me and encourages me to find something to do that can help me earn some income. I am also challenged by some young people of my age like Mai Dovi who produces herbal peanut butter.”  

Tafadzwea shoko said the he has been targeting Schools, hospitals, mines, individuals and companies. Most importantly are companies that offer cleaning services.  According Mr Shoko his brand has so far been well received with customers citing a few areas that needed improvement.  ‘I glad that I have managed to improve these areas especially the  UZ Students Leader Launches Detergent   thickness of the dishwasher.  Now I can safely say our products are 100% reliable”. He said.  

”Most customers are welcoming my product, l managed to sell more than 100 liters in one week, currently we have been producing on the bases of orders but we are looking forward to be expanding our market.”  “We are also producing liquid soap for car washes, the soap is very unique as it has less foam considering that most car washes are currently experience water challenges I decided to make for them a product that has less foaming  soap and still more effective.” 

Mr. Shoko said that his products are eco-friendly, gentle on ones hands and can clean every dirty and stains.  “Powerfresh is a multi-purpose product, it cleans all surfaces. It has stronger  cleansing action than other soaps. 

The Dishwashing Liquid cuts through grace for spot-free, sparking clean dishes the power fresh Orange and Lemon flavour in our formula makes it quick and easy to remove grease stains on surfaces or plates while providing a fresh scent that leaves no harmful residues”. He said. 

Source: varsity magazine

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