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RIP, the sad story of these four ladies death left SA in pain, see what happened to them

Manzini, Eswatini – A horrifying incident unfolded in Manzini, leaving the community in shock and grief. Five women were shot, allegedly by Vusi Mncina, who is said to have been the boyfriend of one of the deceased women. The tragic event claimed the lives of Nonhlanhla Thwala, Lungile Dungy Shongwe, Fikile Shongwe, and Cynthia Shongwe, while Thuli Mkhwanazi miraculously survived.

The tragic incident occurred after a pool party held at Cynthia’s residence in Ezulwini, near Goje Township. The women were found huddled in a pantry, likely seeking refuge from the assailant’s rampage. The shooting sent shockwaves across the country, with the news spreading rapidly, especially on social media, where various allegations surfaced.

Vusi Mncina, reportedly Cynthia’s boyfriend, allegedly shot the women and subsequently turned himself in at a local police station. He has been arrested and appeared before a magistrate in Lobamba.

During a memorial service for sisters Lungile and Fikile at Manzini Cathedral, Samson Ginindza, who spoke as an uncle to the deceased, expressed his shock and anger over the incident. He condemned not only the killing of the four women but also gender-based violence (GBV) in the country.

Ginindza called for the media to condemn GBV and avoid justifying such acts by reporting speculatively. He expressed his outrage at reports suggesting that the women were killed over allegations of kissing another man, demanding answers to the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

Ginindza’s emotional speech conveyed a strong desire to end such violence and a call for action to protect the country’s children. The memorial services highlighted the determination and resilience of Lungile and Fikile, who were remembered as hard workers in the community.

The memorial for Cynthia, a cousin to Lungile and Fikile, was held in Ezulwini, while Thulile Thwala’s memorial was scheduled for today at the Alliance Church (Sandla) in Mbabane. The community is left grappling with the devastating loss as they seek answers and closure in the wake of this tragedy.

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