Here Are The Mistakes AKA’s Killers Made Which Led to Their Arrest

The vibrant city of Durban, South Africa, was rocked to its core when the beloved rapper Kiernan Jarred Forbes, better known as AKA, met a tragic end in February of last year.

The chilling incident unfolded outside the WISH Restaurant on Florida Road, where AKA and his close friend Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane were senselessly gunned down, sending shockwaves through the music world and beyond.

In the aftermath of this heinous crime, a complex investigation ensued, eventually culminating in the arrest of the alleged perpetrators and their accomplices. Here, we delve into the key mistakes made by AKA’s killers that ultimately led to their capture and subsequent arrest.

One significant blunder made by the suspects and their associates was their use of the banking system for illicit financial transactions. The transfer of R800,000, allegedly paid for the murder, and subsequent payments to the killers via banks left a digital trail that law enforcement agencies were able to trace. This included the deposit of R133,000 into a Standard Bank account, opened on the very morning of the shooting, further raising suspicions.

Additionally, the use of mobile phones during the commission of the crime provided crucial evidence against the suspects. Cellphone records placed them at key locations related to the murder, including tracking one suspect’s presence in a grey BMW that trailed AKA and his entourage from the airport to the hotel, and another suspect’s communication with accomplices near the scene of the crime.

Furthermore, the use of identifiable vehicles, such as a grey BMW and a white Mercedes-Benz C200, implicated the suspects further. Surveillance footage captured at various locations, including outside the WISH Restaurant, revealed their movements and activities before and after the murder, providing damning evidence of their involvement.

In a desperate bid to cover their tracks, one suspect attempted to set fire to the white Mercedes-Benz believed to be the getaway vehicle. However, their efforts were thwarted, and valuable forensic evidence was recovered from the scene.

Witness testimonies and forensic evidence, including spent cartridges and postmortem reports, corroborated the sequence of events leading to the arrests of the suspected killers, further strengthening the case against them.

The meticulous investigation into AKA’s murder uncovered a series of critical mistakes made by the perpetrators, ultimately leading to their apprehension. As the pursuit of justice continues, the hope remains that these arrests will bring closure to AKA’s grieving fans and family, while serving as a stark reminder of the consequences of criminal actions.

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