MaNgwabe and MaYeni can leave

‘MaNgwabe and MaYeni, it’s exit stage left if I bring in wife number five,’ declares Musa Mseleku, the polygamy maestro.

Musa Mseleku, the polygamous businessman, dropped a bombshell: he’s gunning for wife number five.

Wife number three, MaNgwabe, seemed to be less than thrilled about sharing her man with not just one, not two, but three other women. It’s like a romantic juggling act, but with emotions.

Trouble brewed between MaNgwabe and the OG first wife, MaCele. The cause? A greeting gone awry. MaCele’s kids politely said hi to MaNgwabe, but it seems MaNgwabe’s politeness went on a coffee break. She didn’t reciprocate the greeting, sparking a household-sized feud.

Musa, our leading man, had to intervene. With a straight face and probably a pit of nerves in his stomach, he confronted MaNgwabe. She put her foot down – she’s not about ignoring greetings or playing social chess. Drama levels: expert.

Meanwhile, MaKhumalo, another wife, was cooking up her own annoyance. Musa’s cooking up plans for wife number five, and guess what? She’s carrying the Khumalo surname, MaKhumalo’s family flag. Musa claims he’s keeping the name alive, but MaKhumalo’s not sold. She’s whispering, “This is not the time for family name heroics, dude.”

But here’s the punchline. In previous seasons, MaNgwabe and MaYeni – sounding like a crime-fighting duo – threatened to pack their bags if Musa dared to marry a fifth wife. Musa’s response? “Sure, they can storm out if they please, but hold your horses, ladies. Let’s negotiate this exit strategy. After all, they signed up for this polygamy party – no refunds.”

And in the midst of it all, MaKhumalo is raising her hand, shouting from the background, “Yo, Musa, this ain’t the normal we signed up for. A surprise relative-wife? Not cool, man. Not cool.” Drama, thy name is u’thando Nesthembu!

School Leaver Scholarships 2024 of University of Auckland New Zealand

Applying for University of Auckland Scholarships: Deadlines and Opportunities

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Embark on your educational journey at the University of Auckland with a choice of 8 distinct summer research projects. These projects span various fields, including the bioengineering institute, engineering departments, arts department, law school, business institute, department of medical sciences, social work department, and the department of science.

Exploring School Leaver Scholarships

For those eager to secure funding for their next educational chapter, the University of Auckland offers an array of school leaver scholarships. Discover the possibilities for the 2024-2025 academic year below:

  • Opie & Bridge Vocal Scholarships – $25k Sponsorship Pursue your BMus (Hons)/MMus degree in vocal studies at the University of Auckland with a generous sponsorship of $25,000. To be eligible, submit your online application for the Opie & Bridge Vocal Scholarship without delay.
  • Zonta Women Scholarships (STEM) Women from qualifying STEM countries have the opportunity to apply for the Zonta International Women Scholarship. This scholarship opens doors to various disciplines including engineering, business studies, and science subjects for the 2023 intake.
  • Norman Thom Scholarship The Norman Thom Scholarship is extended to international students seeking enrollment in the environmental science/engineering department at the University of Auckland in 2023.
  • PHD Delna Scholarships – $10k Worth Secure funding of $10,000 for your doctoral studies in language assessment through the PHD Delna Scholarship. Ensure your application is submitted online by August 10, 2023, for consideration.
  • Tapuwae Mark Ford Ngā Scholarships – $7000 Worth Enrolled students pursuing studies in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Environmental Engineering at the University of Auckland can vie for the Mark Ford Ngā Scholarship worth $7,000. Submit your application before August 27, 2023, to be in the running.
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