WATCH| Woman Turns Into A Cow After Sleeping With A Married Man

In a truly strange twist of events, a story has emerged from Tanzania about a woman who supposedly transformed into a cow after getting intimate with a married man.

The video, which has taken social media by storm, shows a woman seated on the ground, her tears flowing like a river, while onlookers stand by, utterly bewildered.

What adds to the surreal scene is that her legs appear to have taken on the shape of cow hooves, and there’s even a tail swishing behind her.

Although unverified whispers suggest that this woman might have stolen someone else’s husband and, in response, the wronged wife cast a bewitching spell upon her, there’s an alternative theory that’s circulating. This one speculates that she had a tryst with a married man, and as if scripted by a mystical playwright, her legs underwent a bovine transformation.

Behold the video below, and prepare to raise your eyebrows in disbelief:

As the tale continues to spread like wildfire, there’s a strong dose of skepticism in the air. Many are quick to brand this story as a product of creative imagination rather than reality. The ever-watchful critics couldn’t help but notice the eerie resemblance between this video and another one that went viral previously.

As we stand here scratching our heads, it’s worth noting that iHarare is still on the case, working diligently to verify the authenticity of the video. Until then, let the debate rage on in the social media arena.

Here are some of the reactions;


Nhai we can literally see a thread thats pulling that tail and those legs  why can’t we see the thighs if they ain’t buried on that sad.


These videos are always shot on sand and the person’s original legs will be sunk on the sand. This is getting old.


I wonder why the tail is always wiggling the same way, this is all made up I swear..


This is seriously not funny anymore. Unless someone lifts the person up and walks wt them new legs I ain’t believing fkol

Meanwhile, this is not the first time such a similar bizarre incident has happened.

iHarare recently reported that an unidentified man seemingly turned into a cow after he bedded a married woman.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, the man is seen sitting on the ground, sobbing. His legs had turned into a cow’s trotters, and he had grown a tail, which was wiggling from behind him.

The man is crying like a human being, but in between the sobs, he is making the mooing sounds like a cow.

As he moos, a group of people surrounds him in utter shock and bemusement, taking videos of the strange and dramatic incident. They inspect his trotters and take videos of his tail.

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