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Mixed reactions to Kairo calling Murdah Bongz by name

Murdah Bongz shared a video on his Instagram page. Kairo Forbes and baby Asante were also in the video, but what caught people’s attention is that in the video, Kairo called Murdah Bongz by his name.

People commented on the video and said that Kairo should call him Uncle Bongani instead of calling him by his name. However others said that people arw raised differently and it does not mean that she doesn’t respect him if she calls him by name because everyone’s background and upbringing is different.

Some also said that their relationship will evolve and she will start calling whatever she is comfortable with. People also said that it doesn’t matter what you call a person but how you treat them. Murdah Bongz also does not seem to have a problem with it because he posted the video.

Some Instagram users expressed their concern about why Kairo called Murdah Bongz by name.”She better start calling you daddy, not bongane haybo😆🥰”-says Mantombi Precious

Another fan replied: “To those who think saying Uncle Bongani would have been better…I disagree. A prefix has nothing to do with respect.. but respect does! What matters is how you treat a person not how you address them! You can address a person with a very respectful prefix but still disrespects them!”


Mixed reactions to Kairo calling Murdah Bongz by name
People must just leave Kairo alone honestly. Haibo. Let the child be. Own race, own pace.

kids call us the way they are comfortable with. Both my kids call me by my name they don’t even make a mistake of saying mama at all so bongane is still cool that his name at the end of the day😍

I am not saying she shouldn’t. I mean her not saying it doesn’t mean she doesn’t respect him

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