EXPOSED: Quinton Nyathi from Scandal is the father of King Monada’s child

Speculations Surface Linking Quinton Nyathi of Scandal to King Monada’s Child

A recent exposé has stirred up social media, suggesting that Quinton Nyathi from the popular television series Scandal is allegedly the father of King Monada’s child. The controversy emerged when it was noticed that King Monada’s wife, described as a “yellow born” (a term sometimes used in South Africa to refer to individuals of lighter complexion), gave birth to a child with notably lighter skin.

When King Monada shared a picture of the family in the hospital, observers pointed out that he appeared darker than his newborn child and wife. This observation has led to speculation that Quinton Nyathi, the Scandal actor, could be connected to the situation.

Rumors circulating on Twitter have fueled the speculation, suggesting a potential association between King Monada’s wife and Quinton Nyathi. However, it is important to note that these claims remain unverified, and there is a possibility that they are mere speculations or people drawing connections where there may be none.

In the midst of these rumors, King Monada has been making headlines for a different reason – a publicized feud with South African rapper Big Zulu, initiated by Cassper Nyovest’s push for celebrity fights in South Africa. Some voices on social media have criticized King Monada for engaging in public disputes instead of addressing the alleged paternity issue surrounding his child.

The accompanying pictures shared on social media have added fuel to the speculation, with the public left to draw their own conclusions about the situation. It remains to be seen whether these claims will be substantiated or dismissed as unfounded rumors.

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