A cholera outbreak hits Chirau.

A cholera outbreak hits Chirau.

Cholera fatality rates escalate, and new cases are on the rise as three more people died recently in Chirau.

The trio’s family members all died from the water-borne disease as it had hard hit their residential area in Chirau.

The death of the trio has left many grieving, as they have made several contacts with the now deceased, and people are starting to fear for their lives.

There are other people who are believed to have the disease and are currently quarantined while waiting for the treatment camp, which has been set up so that people can access treatment and be monitored at the centers.

Officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Care and other local authorities are working together in the area to ensure the disease is contained.

However, some people in the area are making it difficult for the health officials to work with them, as they are reportedly fleeing or trying traditional herbs instead of visiting the healthy facilities.

Others are refusing treatment, citing their religious beliefs; they are not cooperating but putting the whole community in danger, as cholera is a waterborne bone disease that can easily spread through contaminated water and food.

The West Acting Provincial Medical Director confirmed the outbreak of cholera and that the fatality rate is slowly escalating due to various reasons, among them the lack of resources and the difficulty of tracing the disease in the remote area.

The medical director said the villagers are making it difficult for the health workers; they will continue encouraging and engaging with them so that they get treated.

A villager in Chirau said those with suspected cases are running away and hiding, refusing to get medical help and opting for traditional remedies that have proven not to be helping, as many are losing their lives.

She said there is a need for enforcement against these people so that the disease does not escalate. ” The situation in Chirau needs enforcement.

They are refusing to get help because they rely on the beliefs of their religion, which they say do not allow them to get medical treatment. There are people with symptoms who are being hidden in houses.” These people are stubborn; if possible, stern measures should be taken.

There should be the involvement of soldiers so that the community is saved.

The people are not taking this disease seriously, and they don’t realize how deadly it is and how it affects others if it spreads,” she said.

Social mobilization is in progress around the affected areas, with health promoters imparting education while at the same time distributing buckets and washing soaps for people to use and stay safe.

The cholera outbreak has affected some parts of the province, including Chegutu, Sanyati, Kariba, and now Zvimba.

Issues of discrimination should be addressed during cholera awareness, as many myths are being shared, resulting in those with suspected cases being shunned because of the stereotypes.

A philanthropist named Tevin Cholera needs to be contained with immediate effects as it will leave many kids orphaned, especially those of the marginalized communities, as they have no access to information or proper health facilities.

He went on to say he is willing to work with other individuals who are willing to help in the Chirau area.

Cholera is a bacterial disease causing severe diarrhea and dehydration. It is usually spread in water and is very fatal. Zimbabwe suffered a huge toll in the past, and the biggest loss was around 2008/2009, when cholera camps were set up nation-wide.

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