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Big Zulu’s Response to Dating Rumors with Bonang Matheba

In the world of celebrities, the buzz never stops. Lately, there’s been quite a stir about Big Zulu and Bonang Matheba, with rumors flying that they might be more than just friends.

These whispers started when a video of them chatting at a memorial service surfaced, even though the audio was a bit fuzzy. To add some spice to the mix, Bonang hinted that a Zulu man could sweep you off your feet, fueling speculation that there’s more to their connection.

Big Zulu didn’t let the rumors simmer for too long. He shared a longer video of himself and Bonang talking and laughing, making it clear that they’re not an item. He insisted they were just having a chat, saying, “No, we were just chatting with sis @bonang_m; there is nothing more to it. Thanks again for the opportunity and being humble.” So, it seems like the sparks are just rumors after all.



Whilst Bonang keeps her pretty pout sealed on who the special man in her life is, fans are stanning over the unlikely new couple

Many fans voiced their approval of the

“We approve! We are definitely shipping”

“Bonang is blushing in Zulu”

“South Africa is smitten! You guys look so good together”

Tech News: The Latest Solar Advancements in Africa

In the world of technology, Africa is making remarkable strides in harnessing the power of the sun. With a growing need for sustainable energy sources, the continent is embracing solar power like never before. From Morocco’s massive Noor Solar Complex to South Africa’s innovative solar-powered schools, the sun is lighting up African innovation.

One noteworthy development is the rise of off-grid solar solutions, providing electricity to remote areas where traditional infrastructure is lacking. These systems are not only improving access to electricity but also reducing carbon emissions, contributing to a greener future for Africa.

As solar technology continues to advance and become more affordable, it’s clear that Africa is poised to lead the way in harnessing the power of the sun for a brighter and more sustainable future. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of African solar energy.

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