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One of the few African nations that is more accepting of the LGBTIQ community and less vocal about it is South Africa. In the nation, there are now more cases being reported. Celebrities in the nation have a history of being candid about their sexuality and the extent to which they think they can define it.

Sexuality is one of the most touchy subjects. Discussion has been sparked by the premise that people are open to disclosing their sexual preferences. This crucial point, the alleged attention, was drawn due to the rising number of LGBT players.

Statistics have prompted discussion throughout the continent as well as in the nation. Africa’s most populous country is South Africa. If you were unaware that there were gay actors, this list will persuade you differently.

These South African celebrities who identify as LGBT have come out publicly.

1. Armand Aucamp

For his role as Tom in Die Boekklub, Armand is well known. He also contributes to the show’s writing. He also went by the name Jan van Riebeeck in the Krotoa novel Ballade vir’n Enkeling. He is well renowned for his work in the performing arts, but he also recently made an appearance and came out as gay. He acknowledged that for the first 24 years, he was unable to walk in his shoes.

I identify as gay. Before dropping the bomb, he created an Instagram post with a description that nearly sounded like a huge statement he planned to make. After coming out as gay in an interview, some famous people publicly complimented his stance. Since then, he has posted pictures of himself and his partner on social media.

2. Sade Giliberti

Sade is a well-versed host of kid-friendly television programs from South Africa. She is well known for her work as a host on the YOTV channel of SABC1. The 34-year-old broadcaster has garnered a lot of awards and nominations since making her professional debut.

Along with her great career, she has been a vocal opponent of bullying and discrimination towards lesbians. She outright denounced the crime and identified herself as a lesbian.

3. Toya Delazi

Toya is well recognized for her songs about . Forbidden Fruit, one of her songs, made reference to her sexual emancipation. The song also has a message on the rights of LGBT people. The video showed gays and lesbians kissing during the song. The pictures she posted on social media gave the impression that she was at ease with her sexuality.

4. Mhalongo Somizi

A well-known judge on Idol South Africa is Somizi Mhalongo. In addition, Somganga is one of the bravest famous people to come out as gay at a period when homophobia was at an all-time high. He has endured the test of time as an actor who is openly gay. Because he works as a social worker and choreographer, most people link him with a certain sense of style.

He is well regarded as a significant LGBTQ artist. When he announced his engagement to his beloved Mohala Motaung in 2018, he rocked the business. They made the list of South Africa’s hottest celebrities as the first same-sex pair in the nation.

5. PJ Powers

The Hotline is where PJ Powers gained the majority of her notoriety. She made the decision in the 1980s to create her own music.

For a while, stories about her peculiar sexuality predominated the news. When questioned in 2014, she responded, “I think gay people know I’m gay, and to be honest, I’ve never had an issue being gay with myself and I’ve never had anyone else treat me differently.”

The pictures in question have left netizens in disbelief.

Big Zulu Lookalike weds
Big Zulu Lookalike (Image credit: Twitter via@Life_After_18)

Rumours started circulating on the internet alleging that Big Zulu got married to his highschool sweetheart over the weekend.Ezoic

Big Zulu just got married to his Highschool sweetheart

— 𝙻𝚒𝚏𝚎 𝙰𝚏𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝟷𝟾✪𓅜 (@Life_After_18) September 3, 2022

The pictures of the alleged wedding have since sparked mixed reactions on social media as people are questioning if that is the real Big Zulu or his lookalike.

Big Zulu Lookalike wedding
Inside Big Zulu’s  Alleged Gay wedding (Image Credit:Twitter via@MusaKhawula)

Even though it later emerged that it was his lookalike who tied the knot, some tweeps still argued that it was Big Zulu who got married.Ezoic


My dear this not Big ZULU is some American couple there’s this twitter page that celebrate black love of gays and lesbians they mainly post marriage pictures

On the flipside, the trending pictures have fueled longstanding rumours that Big Zulu might be gay. Big Zulu’s sexuality has always been under scrutiny.

Big Zulu gay?
Big Zulu Sexuality (Image Credit:Twitter)

The rumour mill  that Big Zulu is ‘gay’ emanated after so much ‘evidence’ was noted on his media collage.

The Imali Eningi hitmaker always has a tendency of updating unique standing poses on his online gallery. Some of these poses have turned back on him and created inundating canards that he was part of the rainbow community.

Big Zulu Wedding
Big Zulu Alleged Wedding (Image Credit:Twitter)

It is a norm for the female gender and those that identify as female or with female tie-ups to take pictures standing in certain poses that are traditionally identified as theirs, and not used by another gender(s).

It is in this regard that social users allude that Big Zulu is gay as his poses give female telltale clues. This prompted many to assume that he might be gay.

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