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💔Blaq Diamond involved in car accident.See who caused the crash

Blaq Diamond’s Ndu Browns Faces Backlash After Car Incident

Blaq Diamond’s Ndu Browns, also known as Ndumiso Mdletshe, is caught in controversy as he reportedly bumped into another car while driving in Johannesburg. The incident, allegedly caused by the singer being on the phone while driving, has sparked a heated exchange between Ndu Browns and the aggrieved driver.

After the collision, Ndu Browns negotiated with the woman involved, agreeing to have her car fixed. However, a new dispute has emerged, with the woman claiming that the musician used second-hand parts for the repairs, making the situation worse. Twitter influencer @AdvoBarryRoux shared details of the incident and purported WhatsApp conversations online, intensifying the public discussion.

Twitter Influencer Sparks Controversy with Screenshots and Claims

@AdvoBarryRoux, a prominent Twitter influencer, stirred controversy by sharing alleged screenshots of WhatsApp conversations between Ndu Browns and the affected driver. The influencer claimed that Ndu Browns used second-hand parts, leading to further damage to the woman’s car. The online exchange between Ndu Browns and the driver escalated, with both parties expressing their frustrations.

Social Media Divided as South Africans Defend Ndu Browns

Amid the controversy, South Africans on Twitter are divided in their opinions. Some defend Ndu Browns, emphasizing that he fixed the car, while others express skepticism about the quality of the repairs. The online discussion highlights differing views on responsibility and accountability in minor accidents.

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