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10 South African actresses you didn’t know were Lesbian

The Secret Lives of South African Actresses: 10 Surprising Lesbians

Facing the Past: Homosexuality’s Struggle

Once considered a grave offense and even leading to excommunication, homosexuality has long been a contentious issue in South Africa.

Even today, LGBTQ+ individuals can face unfair treatment, especially within their own communities and families, making it difficult for them to openly express their true selves. In this article, we’ll unveil the lesser-known lesbian identities of 10 South African actresses, proving that love knows no boundaries.

1. Slindile Nodangala: From Mam Blossom to Lesbian Love

You may remember Slindile Nodangala as Mam Blossom from Rhythm City and Nomvula Kubeka from Scandal. But did you know that she’s a lesbian in real life? She was in a relationship with KZN actress Phumelele Mthombeni and even though they parted ways when Slindile pursued her career in Johannesburg, she continued to date other women. Love knows no bounds!

2. Buthelezi Nomsa: Surprise, Surprise!

Actress and TV personality Buthelezi Nomsa shocked her fans when she shared a photo of her girlfriend on social media. Many were unaware that Nomsa dated women and had children. She eventually tied the knot with Zandile Shezi, and they’ve been happily married since. Love always finds its way!

3. Mandisa Nduna: The Cutest Couple Award Goes To…

Mandisa Nduna, known for her role as Thuli in the drama series Hustle, surprised many by coming out as gay. She was in a sweet relationship with Thishiwe Ziqubu, even winning the award for the cutest couple of the year at one point. Sadly, they decided to part ways, but they did it amicably, showing that love can change but still remain respectful.

4. Thishiwe Ziqubu: Acceptance Begins at Home

Thishiwe Ziqubu shared her coming out story, revealing her father’s acceptance, which involved passing her a drink instead of asking questions. Her experience showed that there’s no excuse for homophobia, regardless of one’s background or education level. Love and acceptance are truly universal.

5. Simphiwe Dana: No More Secrets

Simphiwe Dana, a renowned South African TV personality and singer-songwriter, came out as gay in 2020. She’s engaged to Pumeza Matshikiza and decided it was time to stop hiding her true self. Love should always be celebrated!

6. Latoya Makhene: Love Knows No Gender

Actress Latoya Makhene boldly revealed her relationship with another woman on Instagram. She faced some online trolls claiming she became a lesbian due to heartbreak from men, but she dismissed those claims as baseless. Love doesn’t need explanations.

7. Tina Redman: Living Her Truth

Tina Redman, a South African actress, keeps her personal life separate from her on-screen roles. But offscreen, she’s attracted to women and isn’t afraid to express her true self through her attire.

8. Mpumi Mthombeni: A Carefree Spirit in Love

Known for her role as Agatha on Durban Gen, Mpume Mthombeni is carefree and in love offscreen. She’s openly lesbian and shares glimpses of her love life on social media. Love has its own script.

9. Sade Giliberti: Facing Fears and Finding Acceptance

Sade Giliberti reflected on the emotions she felt when coming out as lesbian to her father at 19. Despite initial shock and anger, she found acceptance, proving that love can overcome fear.

10. Maria Olsen: Horror Films and Lesbian Love

South African film producer and actress Maria Olsen, known for her roles in horror films, including Paranormal Activity 3, publicly embraced her lesbian identity. While the details of her coming out aren’t clear, one thing is certain: love is a part of her story.

These South African actresses have shown that love knows no boundaries, and they continue to inspire others to live their truth, regardless of societal expectations. Love is love, and it deserves to be celebrated! 🏳️‍🌈💕

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