“Sister Bettina,” has died

Mgarimbe, known for the hit song “Sister Bettina,” is a prime example of Mzansi’s one-hit wonders. Although he released a whole album, it’s this one song that still matters today. Unfortunately, his death was just announced a few hours ago.

“Sister Bettina” had lyrics that raised eyebrows, but its message resonated with many. The song’s core message was about enjoying our youth to the fullest. While it gained immense popularity, it faced radio restrictions due to explicit content, leading to a plea for a radio-friendly version. Despite its massive success, Mgarimbe received no awards for this iconic track.

Over the years, Mgarimbe continued to perform “Sister Bettina” at various gigs, maintaining its relevance. He collaborated with Cassper Nyovest on “Gologo no Beer,” but it never matched the impact of his signature song. After the Cassper feature, he disappeared from the music scene, leaving fans wondering about his whereabouts. Like many artists, his path remains unknown, and we hope he is doing well.

10 Highest Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

Exploring High-Income Careers Without a Degree

Traditionally, it has been believed that a four-year degree is necessary to land a high salary job. However, for many individuals, obtaining a degree may not be possible due to limited finances or other personal circumstances. The good news is that it is still possible to secure a career and earn a high, stable income, even as much as six-figure salaries, without obtaining a degree.

Karl Sandor’s Perspective

Karl Sandor, Chief Marketing Officer at the award-winning marketing agency The Growth Guys, believes that from his experience, “hard skills grow obsolete every 18 months, while agility, testing, and empathy drive results. A degree can’t teach you to keep pace with a perpetually evolving landscape.”

Important Considerations

It is important to note that for many of the roles listed below, you will need to substitute the long years of pursuing a degree with studying to obtain licenses and certifications relevant to the role. It is also assumed that you will have had a basic education up to high school level to consider these roles.

Possible High-Income Careers Without a Degree

  1. Entrepreneur
  • Earning Potential: $60k to $500k per annum
  1. Life Coach
  • Earning Potential: $60k per annum (with potential for unlimited earnings)
  1. Real Estate Agent
  • Earning Potential: $197,304 per annum
  1. Sales Director
  • Earning Potential: $195,669 per annum
  1. Commercial Pilot
  • Earning Potential: $127,846 per annum
  1. Supply Chain Manager
  • Earning Potential: $108,141 per annum
  1. Software Developer
  • Earning Potential: $106,098 per annum
  1. Project/Program Manager
  • Earning Potential: Varied, with technical project managers earning as much as $158,512 per annum
  1. Police Officer
  • Earning Potential: $62,865 per annum
  1. Executive Assistant
    • Earning Potential: $60,639 per annum

In these careers, you can achieve high income levels through a combination of dedication, certification, and experience, even without a traditional degree. The possibilities are wide-ranging, and individuals can find success in various fields based on their interests and aspirations.

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