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Lindiwe Dlamini Dikana Zwane has to die

Lindiwe Dlamini Dikana Zwane has to die

Think of the movie Titanic. The film worked even though audiences knew the story and how it will end.

So, Titanic is not about the ship. The story and what carries that film is the love story between Jack & Rose. but for it to work, Jack had to die.

For a compelling tragedy story, the plot hung on the sacrifices both have to make for love. Rose gets to be freed of the trappings of her privileged life, Jack gets to get the girl above his station. Too cute, where is the tragedy we are expecting, because we know something has to happen. Like Romeo & Juliet, something’s got to give.

Without Jack dying, Titanic becomes a completely different film devoid of a pay-off! You stayed for those hours for a climax and final hoorah, though it may be sad. This is not a Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan rom-com.

Lindiwe is a beloved villain, but a villain nonetheless. For #TheRiver1Magic to end in a satisfactory manner, it’s not enough for the character to just suffer for her sins, there has to be an ultimate price.

Why? We’ve been building to this demise. The story demands it, our moral expectation demands it, logic demands it, it is the satisfactory end to her murderous villainous journey. Bad guys don’t end up living happily after.

Also we have seen that adversity does not stop Lindiwe. She rises above it. So, prison or any heartache is not really punishment for her.

If she doesn’t die, the show leaves our screen with a void. It also betrays the realistic “contractual” pact the writers have with us viewers. We know and want Lindiwe to pay.

The show set us up to expect that with every situation Lindiwe comes off of victorious even when the odds are clearly not in her favour. Writers inadvertently said, she has to getaway with this for the story to move forward … but now, the end is nigh and the ultimate repercussion and ramifications are inevitable.

There is a reason why The Queen’s ending seemed abrupt, unfinished and boring. Harriet even if she lives on, had no real character full circle.

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