Well known Singer Dies

Late Insimbi Zezhwane singers Elvis MaEl Nyathi and Thembinkosi Maviri Mpofu have been honored with a poignant memorial service held at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre. The two musicians tragically lost their lives in a fatal accident on the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls road earlier this week, while en route to a Zanu PF gala event in Binga, Matabeleland.

Bulawayo Provincial Affairs minister, Judith Ncube, addressed the mourners, highlighting a communication breakdown that led to the ill-fated journey. She emphasized that Nyathi and Mpofu’s influence extended well beyond the entertainment sphere, touching the lives of countless people worldwide.

Ncube conveyed condolences from President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Ministry of Arts to the families, friends, and fans of the artists. She acknowledged their notable impact, both as accomplished musicians and for their charitable contributions to the nation.

Singer Ndux Malaba junior lamented the profound loss to the rumba genre, underscoring the void left by their passing. Comedian and Singer Madlela Skhobokhobo reflected on the incredible power of Nyathi’s music, attributing it to a higher source.

Insimbi ZeZhwane carved out a unique Rhumba sound that resonated across Matabeleland and transcended national borders. Elvis MaEl Nyathi will be laid to rest at his rural home in Tsholotsho, while Thembinkosi Maviri Mpofu’s final resting place will be the Luveve cemetery in Bulawayo. The memory of their contributions and influence lives on in the hearts of those they touched.

Items that reduce wifi connectivity in the house

The impact of common household items on Wi-Fi speed can be surprising. Here are 10 items that may prompt you to rethink your furniture arrangement:

  1. Microwave: Microwaves emit electromagnetic radiation that interferes with router signals, significantly affecting Wi-Fi speed.
  2. Fridge: Kitchen appliances containing metal, like fridges and microwaves, absorb the radio waves emitted by routers, reducing signal strength and speed.
  3. Speakers: Bluetooth speakers and similar devices emit signals that can clash with Wi-Fi frequencies, causing signal disruptions.
  4. Baby Monitor: Placing a baby monitor near your router can lead to signal interference due to overlapping frequencies.
  5. TV: TVs with metal components and Wi-Fi-disrupting Bluetooth features can hinder Wi-Fi signals.
  6. Mirrors: Even mirrors contain metal, particularly large ones, which can interfere with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  7. Fish Tank: Large water-filled fish tanks absorb router radiation, creating areas with no Wi-Fi signal around the tank.
  8. Concrete Walls: Reinforced concrete walls impede radio wave transmission, causing Wi-Fi slowdowns, especially when metal is involved.
  9. Windows: Placing your router near a window can result in signal leakage outside, so central placement is advisable.
  10. Vacuum Cleaner: Vacuum cleaners’ electric motors emit radiation that can interfere with Wi-Fi signals temporarily during use.

These insights remind us that optimizing Wi-Fi speed might involve some strategic furniture adjustments to ensure optimal signal strength and connectivity.

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