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Mixed Reactions Persist for ‘Gogo Skhotheni’ Reality Show

Mixed Reactions Persist for ‘Gogo Skhotheni’ Reality Show

In the world of reality TV, discussions on social media often explode after viewers tune in to their favorite shows. One such show, ‘Gogo Skhotheni,’ has had its fair share of attention, with six episodes already under its belt. However, despite the passage of time, it appears that not much has changed since the premiere.

Viewers have consistently commented on the show’s storyline, with some suggesting that it feels scripted. This sentiment has been echoed after each episode, and it’s beginning to cast doubt on the show’s future, as fans appear dissatisfied.

The central focus of the show has revolved around Tumi’s decision to take on a second husband, an unconventional choice that has left many scratching their heads. In the latest episode, Tumi held a meeting with both her husband, Monde, and her boyfriend, Sbusiso, informing them that they would become “brother husbands.” In this unique arrangement, Tumi would take the role of the family’s head.

Tumi explained that she was following the wishes of her male ancestor by taking two husbands, a move that left viewers perplexed. The discussion even delved into the topic of lobola, with Tumi wanting to pay lobola for her boyfriend. Shockingly, after the marriage, her boyfriend would take on the responsibilities typically assigned to a bride, including house chores, which stirred controversy on social media.

Many people expressed their discomfort with this unconventional arrangement, citing its departure from South African norms. Some viewers even voiced their preference for the return of ‘Isencane Lengane,’ considering it a more engaging reality show. Despite any dislike for Siyacela on that show, viewers appreciated its authenticity and felt that it lacked the scripted feel they perceive in ‘Gogo Skhotheni.’

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