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Know more about Jub Jub’s new wife, who is doing things that no-one ever did to him

Media personality Molemo Maarohanye, known as Jub Jub, has been known for keeping his personal life private, especially his marriage. However, in a recent interview, Jub Jub opened up about his wife and shared some details about their love story.

While fans were surprised to learn that Jub Jub was married when he was released from prison, he has consistently kept his wife’s identity away from the public eye. In the interview, Jub Jub revealed that his wife’s name is Zenith Mia and shared some insights into their relationship.

Jub Jub met Zenith when he was serving his sentence, and she is of Italian origin. They first crossed paths when Zenith attended an event organized by the Correctional Services. According to Jub Jub, he was immediately smitten when he saw her and knew she was the one. They started as friends and later decided to start a relationship.

Despite sharing some details about his wife, Jub Jub is careful not to reveal her pictures to the public. He has learned from previous mistakes about sharing too much with the public and prefers to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

Jub Jub’s approach to keeping his personal life private seems to be working well for his marriage, and he continues to focus on his career and family life away from the media’s scrutiny.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World

Unveiling the Pinnacle of Earning Potential

In a world where career choices are increasingly diverse, the pursuit of high-paying professions has always been an alluring prospect. With the demand for specialized skills and expertise on the rise, several occupations offer lucrative salaries that have redefined the notion of financial success.

Here, we unveil the top ten highest paying jobs in the world, showcasing the estimated annual incomes that make these careers so coveted.

1. Surgeons: Saving Lives and Earning Big

Topping the list are surgeons, who not only save lives but also command staggering annual salaries. With years of rigorous education and training, these medical professionals earn an estimated average of $409,665 per year.

2. Anesthesiologists: Navigating the Realm of Pain Management

Anesthesiologists hold the second spot, making a significant impact in the operating room. Their expert management of patients’ pain during surgery earns them an average income of approximately $392,000 annually.

3. Orthodontists: Crafting Beautiful Smiles and High Incomes

Orthodontists come in third, specializing in teeth alignment. Their work results in not just straight teeth but an impressive average salary of around $225,234 per year.

4. Physicians: The Pillars of Healthcare

Physicians, including general practitioners, internists, and other specialists, command an annual average income of approximately $207,270. They play a crucial role in keeping the nation’s health in check.

5. Psychiatrists: Caring for Mental Well-Being

Mental health professionals, psychiatrists, are essential for ensuring mental well-being. They receive an estimated annual income of around $220,380 for their valuable services.

6. Dentists: Keeping Oral Health in Check

Dentists, who focus on oral health and hygiene, earn an impressive annual income of about $175,840 on average, reflecting the importance of dental care.

7. Pharmacists: The Gatekeepers of Medication

Pharmacists play a vital role in dispensing medications and ensuring their safe use. They earn an estimated average annual salary of around $128,090.

8. Nurse Anesthetists: Crucial Members of the Healthcare Team

Nurse Anesthetists, responsible for administering anesthesia, earn a substantial average annual income of about $189,190.

9. Petroleum Engineers: Fueling Prosperity

Breaking into the list of healthcare professionals are petroleum engineers, who specialize in the extraction of oil and gas. Their expertise is well-rewarded with an average annual income of approximately $137,170.

10. IT Managers: Navigating the Digital Frontier

Rounding off the list are Information Technology Managers, responsible for overseeing an organization’s technological infrastructure. Their work in the digital realm earns them an estimated average annual salary of around $161,730.


These top ten highest paying jobs in the world showcase a diverse range of careers, from life-saving medical professions to technology and engineering. While the financial rewards are substantial, each of these professions demands a unique set of skills, extensive education, and often years of experience. The pursuit of high-income careers continues to drive individuals toward these fields, reaffirming the age-old adage that hard work and dedication truly pay off in the long run.

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