Uyajola? Jub Jub’s long list of girlfriends – who claimed he ‘cheated’

Jub Jub’s Complicated Romantic History Unraveled: A Journey Through Love, Betrayal, and Accusations of Infidelity

Jub Jub, the charismatic presenter of the popular South African reality show “Uyajola 9/9,” may be an expert in exposing cheaters, but recent revelations suggest he might be living a double life himself. The rapper and TV personality, whose real name is Molemo Maarohanye, has been romantically linked to a string of women, each with their own stories of love, betrayal, and heartbreak.

Masechaba Ndlovu’s Shocking Allegations: A Childhood Connection Turned Sour

One of the prominent names in Jub Jub’s past is media personality-turned-government spokeswoman Masechaba Ndlovu. According to Ndlovu, their history dates back to their childhood. However, in a shocking revelation on social media last year, Ndlovu alleged that Jub Jub had raped her in his mother’s home in Naturena during their dating days. This accusation is supported by an affidavit where Ndlovu claims that Jub Jub took advantage of her and forcibly took her virginity.

Amanda du Pont’s Three-Year Relationship: Allegations of Rape and Infidelity

Another woman who crossed paths with Jub Jub is actress Amanda du Pont. Their three-year relationship was marred by allegations of rape and abuse, as Amanda claimed that Jub Jub subjected her to both during their time together. Adding fuel to the fire, du Pont accused Jub Jub of infidelity, suggesting that he cheated on her with fellow South African celebrity Kelly Khumalo. Amanda du Pont is currently in the process of pursuing criminal charges against the “Uyajola” presenter.

Kelly Khumalo and the Turbulent Love Story: A Son and a Stormy Breakup

Jub Jub’s relationship with Kelly Khumalo commenced shortly after his split from Amanda du Pont in 2010. The couple welcomed their son, Christian, later that year. However, their love story was cut short by Jub Jub’s legal troubles, including murder (later culpable homicide) charges and sentencing. Over a decade after their breakup, the two remain on tense terms with each other.

Prison Affairs and Allegations from Students: More Scandalous Chapters Unveiled

Even during his time behind bars, Jub Jub’s love life remained a topic of discussion. Reports linked him to media personality Matsatsi Rampa, but their relationship ended in tears when it was alleged that infamous celebrity relationship wrecker Edwin Sodi impregnated Rampa.

According to claims by two KwaZulu-Natal students, Leigh Mvubu and Czernaaz Metedad, they had flings with Jub Jub while he was simultaneously dating Amanda du Pont and Kelly Khumalo.

Zenith Zee Mia and the Drum Magazine Controversy: Love Behind Bars

In 2014, Jub Jub was romantically involved with Zenith Zee Mia, an Italian girlfriend, during his time in prison. The couple faced controversy when they laid separate charges against Drum magazine for reporting that they were caught in a compromising position during a prison gig. Allegations of a romantic rendezvous behind bars stirred up additional drama in Jub Jub’s tumultuous love life.

Current Affairs: Jub Jub’s Former Fiancée Speaks Out

This week, Jub Jub’s former fiancée, Tumi Mthembu, claimed that she caught the star cheating on her with multiple women after a 19-year-long relationship. Despite her unwavering support during difficult times, Mthembu expressed her disappointment, stating that Jub Jub never truly loved her and was merely using her.

Adding another layer to the saga, images of Jub Jub with a woman named “Kira” have surfaced, with the mysterious lady wearing a ring on her finger, raising questions about the presenter’s current relationship status.

As Jub Jub continues to expose cheaters on “Uyajola 9/9,” the revelations about his own romantic entanglements have created a whirlwind of speculation and intrigue, leaving fans and followers eager to see how this intricate love story unfolds.

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