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Julius Malema attacks Kelly Khumalo by exposing dirty secrets about her, Kelly replies here:

Julius Malema Attack Kelly Khumalo by Exposing Dirty Secrets about her, Kelly replies

Kelly Khumalo, the famous singer behind “Empini,” isn’t backing down from her haters. Recently, she faced some criticism on Twitter after an old video of EFF leader Julius Malema resurfaced, suggesting she knew something about the death of Senzo Meyiwa.

Malema had said in the clip that those in the house where Senzo was killed knew something, hinting at Kelly.

When the video reappeared with a different caption, Kelly didn’t let it faze her. She responded saying:

Oksalayo for sh*t! Ningakuthatha konke (You can take it all) I will still be Kelly Khumalo. Wena uzoba ubani? (who will you be?) A hater who rejoices on people’s challenges? Oksalayo nala ngizodlula! (This too will pass) Mark my words,” she wrote in one of the replies.

“Siyobonana kusasa bahlali ningiTrendise futhi niyezwa,” she wrote in a separate post, telling haters to make her trend again the following day.

Kelly’s been in the spotlight since the start of the Meyiwa trial, and many have called for her to testify. With her music career feeling the impact of the case and her connection to one of the accused, she faced cancellations from events like the Maseru Jazz Festival and the Tribute to Women Festival. The trial continues in the North Gauteng High Court.

iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 14: Which One Should You Choose?

The arrival of the iPhone 15 has sparked the inevitable comparison with its predecessor, the iPhone 14. While it’s common for people to perceive new iPhone models as incremental upgrades, the iPhone 15 introduces several noteworthy changes and improvements over the iPhone 14, making the decision between the two more interesting.

Let’s break down the differences and help you decide which iPhone is the right choice for you.

iPhone 15

  • Starting at $799
  • USB-C port
  • Dynamic Island feature
  • New 48-megapixel main camera
  • Improved ultrawide camera
  • A16 Bionic processor
  • Likely to receive longer software updates
  • Potentially better battery life (larger batteries)

iPhone 14

  • Starting at $699
  • Lightning port
  • Traditional notch
  • 12-megapixel main camera (same as iPhone 13)
  • 12-megapixel ultrawide camera (same as iPhone 13)
  • A15 Bionic processor (still powerful)
  • Likely to receive fewer software updates
  • Good battery life

Design Similarities and Differences

Both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 share similar designs, with 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screen sizes, aluminum rails, and glass backs. However, there are subtle design improvements in the iPhone 15.

It features a rear glass that’s a single piece for a cleaner look, contoured edges for improved grip, and thinner bezels for a more modern appearance. The color palette of the iPhone 15 leans toward paler shades, while the iPhone 14 offers more vibrant and saturated color options.

Dynamic Island vs. Notch

The iPhone 15 introduces the Dynamic Island feature, which replaces the traditional notch. Dynamic Island is a pill-shaped cutout housing Face ID sensors and offering interactive capabilities, such as controlling music playback, tracking timers, and displaying phone call notifications.

In contrast, the iPhone 14 retains the conventional notch, which houses Face ID sensors but lacks interactive features. Your preference for the Dynamic Island or traditional notch might influence your choice.

Camera Upgrades

The iPhone 15 significantly enhances its camera system, featuring a new 48-megapixel main sensor, enabling more accurate colors, better low-light performance, and the option to capture full-resolution 48-megapixel photos. It also introduces an improved 12-megapixel ultrawide camera with reduced lens flare, better portrait mode results, and support for 4K video in Cinematic mode.

In contrast, the iPhone 14 retains the same camera setup as the iPhone 13, offering reliable photo and video quality but lacking the resolution and features of the iPhone 15.

Performance and Software Updates

The iPhone 15 is equipped with the A16 Bionic processor, promising faster everyday performance, improved gaming graphics, and better efficiency compared to the A15 Bionic found in the iPhone 14.

Additionally, the iPhone 15 is likely to receive software updates for a longer duration, as Apple tends to support newer iPhone models longer. This translates to potential access to iOS versions beyond what the iPhone 14 may receive.

USB-C vs. Lightning

One significant change in the iPhone 15 is the adoption of a USB-C port, replacing the Lightning port. While this switch aligns with industry standards and allows for universal charging and data transfer, it might require an adjustment for those heavily invested in Lightning accessories. The iPhone 14 retains the familiar Lightning port, ensuring compatibility with existing accessories.

Budget Considerations

If budget plays a crucial role in your decision, the iPhone 14 offers an attractive proposition. With a starting price of $699, it’s $100 cheaper than the iPhone 15. The iPhone 14 provides a reliable smartphone experience with good specs, dependable cameras, and satisfactory battery life. Furthermore, you may find the iPhone 14 at even more affordable prices during promotional periods like Black Friday.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, choosing between the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 depends on your priorities and preferences. The iPhone 15 stands out for its advanced features, including the Dynamic Island, camera upgrades, faster performance, potential for longer software support, and the adoption of USB-C.

However, if you value reliability, affordability, and compatibility with existing Lightning accessories, the iPhone 14 remains a strong choice.

Both iPhones offer a solid foundation of core iPhone experiences, ensuring that whichever you select, you’ll have access to a high-quality smartphone with dependable performance and the latest iOS features.

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