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List Of Celebrities Who Want To Kill Themselves In Mzansi

South African Celebrities Who Battled Suicidal Thoughts

Celebrities, despite their public personas, grapple with personal challenges, including mental health issues. In a testament to the importance of understanding the struggles behind the smiles, several South African celebrities have openly shared their experiences with suicidal thoughts. These stories highlight the resilience and strength it takes to overcome such dark moments.

Connie Chiume:
In 1987, Connie Chiume faced a profound tragedy when her baby died while she was feeding her. This heartbreaking incident led her into a period of suicidal thoughts. Overcoming these struggles involved finding solace in reading the Bible and prayer, allowing her to break through the darkness.

Nozuko Ntshangase:
Nozuko Ntshangase, an actress, confronted depression from her teenage years. Having attempted suicide multiple times, she faced the challenges of mental health without a confirmed diagnosis. Her resilience shines through, as she managed to survive and move forward.

Vatiswa Ndara:
After leaving SABC and losing acting opportunities due to a scandal, Vatiswa Ndara experienced a low point in her life. In an attempt to end her pain, she consumed a dangerous mixture, including Jeyes fluid, Handy Andy, pills, and Jik. Despite her certainty that it would be fatal, she survived this dark moment.

Raphael Griffiths:
Known as Zithulele from “Imbewu,” Raphael Griffiths faced a heartbreak that pushed him to contemplate suicide. After being dumped by his girlfriend, he turned to prayer and survived the overwhelming thoughts of self-harm.

Rachel Kolisi:
The wife of Springbok Rugby player Siya Kolisi, Rachel Kolisi, battled depression and self-harm at the age of 15 following her parents’ divorce. She struggled silently, engaging in self-harm for years before finding the strength to persevere and build a family.

Clement Maosa:
Actor Clement Maosa, famous as Kwaito, attempted suicide twice after losing both his parents during his teenage years. The loss, especially when he needed his parents the most, pushed him to the brink. However, he eventually found renewed purpose through his role as Kwaito.

South African musician Proverb faced a tumultuous period after a divorce. The betrayal and heartbreak drove him to attempt suicide by taking painkillers and drinking wine. Fortunately, he survived and was rushed to the hospital.

Gigi LaMayney:
South African musician, presenter, and songwriter Gigi LaMayney faced body-shaming, leading her to overdose on pills. Thankfully, she survived and continues to share her journey toward self-love and acceptance.

These stories underscore the importance of mental health awareness and the need for support and compassion, even in the glamorous world of celebrities.

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