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Cedric Fourie, known for his role in Skeem Saam, is tired of people making assumptions about his sexual orientation based on his social media posts. He recently decided to clarify the situation after a comment from a follower about his romantic life.

In response to a comment, Fourie clarified that he is not dating Zari Hassan, a socialite, musician, and businesswoman. He also did not address previous rumors about dating YouTuber Lasizwe. Instead, he emphasized the importance of minding one’s own business and warned against spreading false information.

Fourie stated, “Don’t make statements regarding topics that are outside of your expertise. I am a supporter of LGBTQI+ people. I’m not gay.” He urged people to back up their claims with evidence and encouraged them to educate themselves on the subject.

Apple Introduces Crash Detection Feature for iPhone 14 and Select Apple Watches

In a notable first, Apple is rolling out the Crash Detection feature, starting with the iPhone 14 and select Apple Watch models. This innovative safety feature is designed to automatically detect and respond to vehicular accidents, enhancing user safety and peace of mind.

Launch Date for Crash Detection

According to iMore, the Crash Detection feature is set to launch on September 16, exclusively for a limited set of devices, including the iPhone 14 Pro and Apple Watch Series 8.

How Crash Detection Works

Apple’s video explanation demonstrates how this feature operates when an unexpected car crash occurs. It is enabled by default and can automatically detect vehicular accidents on the road.

Key components and functionalities include:

  • Dual-Core Accelerometer: Capable of detecting G-force measurements of up to 256Gs, this sensor, combined with a high dynamic range gyroscope, enables Crash Detection to identify severe car crashes. It can automatically dial emergency services when a user is unconscious or unable to access their iPhone.
  • Barometer Component: Resembling a barometer, this component helps determine minimal changes in cabin pressure, contributing to crash detection accuracy.
  • GPS and Microphone: These sensors provide crucial information about speed and sounds in and around the car, aiding in identifying and verifying car crashes.
  • Motion Algorithms: Apple has designed its own motion algorithms to ensure precise and reliable crash detection results.

Thorough Testing and Emergency Calls

Before introducing Crash Detection to the iPhone 14, Apple conducted extensive testing, involving millions of hours of driving data to ensure the feature’s reliability.

In the event of an emergency call, it’s essential for the person to enable Wi-Fi on their device and ensure it’s connected to their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Unique Safety Feature

While Apple often introduces health-related features, Crash Detection stands out as a unique safety feature for its smartphone and smartwatch lineup, as noted by The Guardian.

How Crash Detection Activates

As per Apple’s support page, Crash Detection activates when a nearby car crash occurs. It can detect various types of collisions, from side impacts to rollovers. Even if the user can’t see the screen, the device will recognize that an accident has occurred and prompt the Emergency Call slider, simplifying the process of reaching out to emergency services.

For Apple Watch users, a single wrist tap will display the status on the screen, with an Emergency Call slider readily available in case of an accident. Ensuring Wi-Fi is always enabled is crucial for immediate access to help.

If a user is unable to respond, the device will automatically call for assistance after a set timeframe, typically 20 seconds. Additionally, if you have emergency contacts with shared location enabled, they will be notified of the accident.

For individuals with Medical ID linked to their device, a Medical ID slider will appear on the screen, providing responders with critical information about the user’s identity and health details.

In related news, Tech Times reported that the iOS 16 Wallet app is now official, featuring updates such as hotel key support and Apple Pay Later.

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