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Did you know Uzalo actors Nonka and Nyawo are related in real life?

“Family Ties: Uzalo Stars Nonka and Nyawo Share Real-Life Connection”

The popular South African soap opera, Uzalo, has been a source of intrigue for fans who recently discovered an interesting familial connection between two of its stars. Thuthuka Mthembu, known for her role as Nonka, and Cebo Mthembu, who portrays Nyawo, both bear the Mthembu surname, sparking speculation about their real-life relationship.

In the world of Mzansi’s entertainment industry, it’s not uncommon to see family members and siblings gracing the same screens, captivating audiences with their talent. Notably, the Khoza siblings, SK and Abdul, have made a significant mark, despite pursuing their careers in different periods, establishing themselves as two of the hottest brothers in the Mzansi film scene.

The tradition of employing relatives on the Uzalo set is no secret. Over time, it has welcomed family connections, adding a layer of authenticity to the show. For instance, Mxolisi Majozi took on the role of Last Number while his brother, Simphiwe Majozi, portrayed the lead character Sbu.

Omega Mncube embodied Phelelani, and his older brother, Wiseman Mncube, stepped into the role of Sbonelo Mhlongo. Both siblings even shared a romantic interest in the character Nonka, with Sbonelo marrying and subsequently divorcing her.

Following a similar pattern, Nompilo Maphumulo, who brings Nosipho to life on Uzalo, had her own son, Luyanda Maphumulo, participate in the show as Nthuthuko, the ever-annoying brother to Hleziphi (Sibongiseni Shezi).

Nonka, from the humble Xulu family of KwaMashu, symbolizes resilience and determination. Her character serves as an inspiration for young girls in South Africa, emphasizing that one’s background should not dictate their future. Despite facing numerous hardships, including poverty, early marriage, and divorce, Nonka returned to school and excelled in her studies, becoming the first Xulu family member to graduate.

Nyawo, on the other hand, takes on the role of a corrupt police officer with connections to criminals. His superiors are aware of his shady dealings but are yet to find concrete evidence to bring him down. Nyawo recently secured the prize at the KwaMashu Talent Show and earned an invitation to the South Africa National Spelling Bee competition.

In real life, the on-screen connection between Thuthuka (Nonka) and Cebo (Nyawo) is not merely a coincidence. Cebo happens to be Thuthuka’s uncle, a cousin and brother to her father. Despite Nonka’s upbringing by a single mother with an absent father, she holds a deep respect for her paternal relatives, further strengthening the bonds that connect this talented family on and off the Uzalo stage.

Black Friday in South Africa: Top Ten Shops to Visit for Gadgets

South Africa gears up for one of the biggest shopping extravaganzas of the year.

Cape Town, South Africa – November 2, 2023

As November unfolds, South Africans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Black Friday, the international shopping extravaganza that has firmly established its presence in the Rainbow Nation. With unbeatable deals and discounts, it’s the perfect time to score the latest gadgets and electronics. Here, we present a list of the top ten shops to visit for gadget enthusiasts on this Black Friday.

1. Incredible Connection

Incredible Connection is a leading electronics and tech retailer known for its wide selection of gadgets. On Black Friday, expect to find irresistible deals on smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and more.

2. Dion Wired

Dion Wired is a go-to destination for tech enthusiasts. Their Black Friday sales are bound to feature exclusive discounts on TVs, audio systems, and home appliances.

3. Makro

Makro, the retail giant, offers a vast array of products, including electronics. Black Friday at Makro brings jaw-dropping deals on everything from smartphones to smart home devices.

4. Game

Game stores are synonymous with fantastic deals on Black Friday. Gamers can rejoice as they’ll find great discounts on gaming consoles, accessories, and software.

5. Takealot

Takealot, South Africa’s biggest online retailer, is a must-visit. Their Black Friday “Blue Dot Sale” promises discounts on an extensive range of gadgets, from headphones to drones.

6. Hi-Fi Corp

Hi-Fi Corp specializes in audio and visual equipment. Shoppers can expect to save big on headphones, speakers, and home theater systems during the Black Friday sales.

7. CNA

CNA offers a wide variety of electronics, including e-readers, headphones, and tablets. Black Friday brings excellent opportunities for bookworms and tech enthusiasts alike.

8. BT Games

For the gamers out there, BT Games is the place to be. Black Friday at BT Games features discounts on the latest video game titles, gaming accessories, and merchandise.

9. Hirsch’s

Hirsch’s is the go-to store for high-end appliances. On Black Friday, you can find substantial discounts on refrigerators, ovens, and other home electronics.

10. Samsung Experience Stores

Samsung Experience Stores offer an exclusive experience for fans of the brand. On Black Friday, you’ll discover enticing promotions on Samsung smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Plan Your Shopping Spree

With these top ten shops, South Africans can prepare for a thrilling Black Friday filled with incredible savings on the latest gadgets. As the holiday season approaches, shoppers can take advantage of these unbeatable deals to find the perfect gifts for loved ones or to treat themselves to the latest tech marvels.

Remember, Black Friday falls on November 24th this year, so mark your calendars and get ready to snag the best deals across South Africa.

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