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Who got her pregnant” Khanya Mkhangisa reveals her baby bump and left people talking

Actress and TV host Khanya Mkhangisa has revealed that she has formally welcomed her first child.

The well-known figure in the media had concealed her pregnancy until she appeared on the cover of Nounouche Magazine.

The magazine claims that she gave birth to a boy with her partner, Desmond Williams, whom she has known since they were young.

The Blood Psalms actress said to Nounouche that she found things easy since she chose to hold off until the timing was perfect.

She added: “I really waited, and the last thing I wanted was regret. Now I feel like I’m fulfilled. I have fulfilled my purpose. I’ve lived my life and travelled.

“I mean there’s always room for more. ‘But then you realise who’s to say you can’t still do those things? But for the most part, all my dreams I really have tried to reach them in the best way possible.”

Khanya has already received social media congratulations from admirers and other celebs.

Some of the congrats have also been published by the actress on her Instagram stories.

This caused a stir on social media with some questioning who is the father, while others claim she will be a single parent.

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