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Popular Idols SA Twin Pregnant

Idols SA Season 9 Twin Contestants, Neliswa and Anele Mxakaza, Embrace Motherhood

In a heartwarming turn of events, Neliswa and Anele Mxakaza, popularly known as the identical twin contestants from Idols SA season 9, are embarking on separate life journeys, yet maintaining their unbreakable bond.

Popular Idols SA Twin Pregnant

The inseparable duo, often mistaken for each other due to their striking resemblance and matching outfits, recently shared significant news that has delighted their fans and followers. Neliswa, one-half of the dynamic pair, took to social media to announce her pregnancy, expecting her first child with fiancé Sandile Makhubela, a talented cameraman.

Expressing her joy, Neliswa conveyed her eagerness to step into motherhood, describing it as a lifelong dream. “It’s always been my dream to start my own family,” she shared, emphasizing the anticipation of bringing a child into the world.

Neliswa and Sandile’s love story began at the inception of her music career, spanning a six-year journey of unwavering support and companionship. The couple got engaged in 2020, with plans for a wedding next year following successful lobola negotiations.

Despite entering a new chapter as a wife and soon-to-be mother, Neliswa reassures that her profound sisterhood with Anele will endure. The twins affirm that even as they pursue individual paths, their unbreakable bond remains intact.

Anele, the astute sister, was the first to suspect Neliswa’s pregnancy as she observed telltale signs of morning sickness. “I found out when I was two months, but my sister was already suspecting because I was always feeling sick, and morning sickness made her suspicious,” Anele shared.

Post the birth of Neliswa’s baby boy, the talented duo plans to unveil their eagerly awaited new album, showcasing their musical growth.

Their journey began in 2013, capturing the hearts of South Africans during their time on Idols. However, a pivotal shift occurred when they joined the Jesus Dominion International Church, led by Pastor Timothy Omotoso. In a challenging chapter, the twins, alongside other victims, testified against the pastor and his co-accused, addressing charges of rape, human trafficking, and racketeering.

Having put the traumatic experiences behind them, Neliswa and Anele are resolute in focusing on their music careers and embracing their roles as mothers and aunts. With a renewed sense of purpose, they aspire to leave the painful past behind and concentrate on the positive chapters that lie ahead.

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