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Mzansi in tears after Uzalo actress Lily who’s Zuma’s child reveals sad reason why she now sells hot dogs at taxi rank

Renowned for her portrayal of Lilly in the immensely popular South African drama series Uzalo, Noxolo Mathula has provided further insights into her flourishing business, a venture that hasn’t escaped public scrutiny.

In addition to her stellar acting career, Mathula has successfully expanded her dog business into diverse taxi ranks across South Africa.

Uzalo, being one of the most-watched and potentially lucrative productions in the country, prompts viewers to question whether Mathula’s compensation for her role as Lilly matches the show’s popularity, especially considering her presence in the street food business.

Responding to skepticism, Mathula clarifies, “I’m often asked why I am on the streets selling hot dogs while I am a TV star. People don’t understand that times are tough. I’m not selling hot dogs on the streets for fun; it’s one of my side hustles.”

Contrary to assumptions, Mathula asserts that running her street-side business does not reflect any inadequacy in her TV earnings. She acknowledges the importance of catering to her target market, the people on the streets, and urges society to refrain from judgment and instead offer support. In her perspective, relying solely on a single salary is insufficient, regardless of its amount.

Emphasizing the strategic nature of her venture, Mathula and her team actively engage in selling hot dogs at taxi ranks, leveraging her continued relevance in the entertainment industry. Despite being visible on television screens, she sees this as a practical and smart side hustle.

Moreover, recent reports indicate that Mathula has secured a catering contract for another TV production related to Uzalo, though she keeps the specific details undisclosed.

Her celebrity status has added a unique dimension to her street-side enterprise, with customers drawn to purchasing hot dogs from the TV star. Notably, Mathula’s popularity extends to fans seeking selfies with her, underlining the significant appeal of buying from a celebrity.

As her entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive alongside her acting prowess, Mathula’s business endeavors demonstrate a multifaceted approach to success.

Lilly from Uzalo is former President Jacob Zuma’s child

Lilly from Uzalo is former President Jacob Zuma’s child

The intriguing connection between award-winning actress Noxolo Mathula, known for her role as Lily on the SABC telenovela Uzalo, and former President Jacob Zuma has sparked widespread speculation.

Rumors about Lily’s potential familial ties to President Zuma gained momentum when the 26-year-old actress shared a photo on Instagram, standing next to the former president at his renowned Nkandla presidential residence. Notably, the absence of a caption on the post fueled curiosity and transformed initial interest into fervent speculation.

Uzalo fans, scrutinizing the photo, pointed out the perceived closeness between Lily and the former president, suggesting a familial connection. Some even claimed to observe a similarity between the two, leading to playful suggestions that Noxolo might have recently discovered her long-lost father.

As of the current publication, Noxolo Mathula has not offered any comments or clarifications regarding the photo and the resulting speculations. The lack of an official response has only intensified the mystery surrounding the potential link between the actress and President Zuma.

It’s worth noting that President Zuma has been open about his marital affairs and children, maintaining transparency with the public. Despite the visual similarities between Lily and the former president, speculation remains unconfirmed. Some argue that, given President Zuma’s openness about his family, Lily could potentially be a relative rather than a direct offspring.

The unanswered question lingers: Could Noxolo Mathula indeed be related to former President Jacob Zuma? The public awaits any official statements or revelations that may shed light on this intriguing aspect of the acclaimed actress’s personal life.

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