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‘Are Clement and Ori gay in real life?’: ‘Skeem Saam’ fans

‘Skeem Saam’ viewers are questioning the real-life relationship of actors Vusi Leremi and Prince Magoai, who portray the gay couple Ori and Clement.

Fans took to social media a few months ago to express their reactions to the LGBTQ+ storyline involving Clement and Ori, with characters Pretty and Lehasa coming to their rescue.

The speculation about Leremi and Magoai’s off-screen orientation persists among fans who find their on-screen portrayal convincing. While Magoai’s real-life sexuality remains unclear, Leremi, who has portrayed Clement for a decade, disclosed in a 2020 interview that he extensively researched to understand his gay role.

In a recent episode, the beloved couple faced a targeted attack based on their sexual orientation, requiring intervention from the police. Clement, the show’s first openly gay character since 2020, has faced discrimination, and the upcoming teasers suggest a change of heart for his previously judgmental grandmother, Mantuli.



“This Clement and Ori storyline just shows how #SkeemSaam is in a league of its own when it comes to tackling real social issues. It’s so educational.”  


“Clement Baecations are not for him shem. Ori left him and ran.”  


“Even Lehasa told Pretty to just run during their attack I would have done the same.  It was a bunch of old men against two young innocent boys.”  


“Because Clement is the mosadi (woman) in that relationship. Re kwatela anything rena (we get mad about anything).”  

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