Condolences are pouring in for Priddy Ugly

Condolences are pouring in for Priddy Ugly and his family as they mourn the tragic loss of his cousin. The ‘Rap Relay’ rapper, known for his privacy, felt the need to share this heartbreaking news. On X, formerly known as Twitter, Priddy revealed that his cousin was fatally stabbed when he refused to share a cigarette with a homeless man.

What’s even more devastating is that his cousin was en route to the police station to report another incident when this tragedy occurred. In his words, “2 weeks ago, my cousin was stabbed to death by some individuals for refusing to share a cigarette while walking to the police station just 5 minutes away from his home to report an earlier assault. South Ah, is a wild place. Be safe.”

In response to Priddy Ugly’s heart-wrenching revelation, fans and fellow industry colleagues flooded the comments section with condolences. Producer Yolophonik expressed, “That’s just terrible. Sorry for your loss, man 🙏🏽🕊️.”

Others sent their love and light to Priddy’s family in this challenging time, while some eagerly anticipated his forthcoming music. @theemagnumopus remarked, “Strength to you and yours. You know the coming album gonna be heavy with the storytelling side. Priddy is the only future we have for SA Hip Hop.”

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4. Yale University, USA

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5. Stanford University, USA

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7. Columbia University, USA

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