Gogo SKHOTHENI says bath with R5 in water then give it to kids & see here what will happen

Flamboyant celebrity traditional healer Patricia Motsoeneng, also known as Gogo Skhotheni, has shared an intriguing idea with her half-a-million followers on social media. She suggests placing a R5 coin (a South African coin) in your bathwater while you bathe and then giving a similar coin to children. According to her, interesting things will happen as a result.

Gogo Skhotheni, whose real name is Patricia Tumi Motsoeni Shange, has gained attention for her unique practices. She believes that by bathing with a R5 coin and passing on a coin to kids, you can make special things occur. Additionally, she produces and sells special detergents that claim to bring good luck in love relationships. Although her methods are unconventional, many are curious about the effects.

Despite her popularity, Gogo Skhotheni remains enigmatic. She didn’t respond to inquiries about the magical spell she promoted or the incident where she claimed to have narrowly escaped danger. The unconventional healer’s advice is to bathe with a R5 coin, share a coin with children, and even give one to someone to buy something for themselves, but not your own “sprat.”

Gauteng Department of Education Shuts Down Crowthorne Christian Academy

Crowthorne Christian Academy, a private school, has faced closure by the Gauteng Department of Education following a series of events involving a learner’s hairstyle and alleged violent actions by the school principal’s husband. The incident has ignited a public outcry and discussions surrounding discrimination and compliance with educational regulations.

The controversy began when a video surfaced of a learner being forcibly removed from class due to her dreadlocks hairstyle, sparking a dispute between the school principal and the learner’s mother. The situation escalated when the school principal’s husband allegedly physically assaulted both the learner and her mother. The family took to social media, claiming emotional and physical assault, and many on social media expressed outrage, with accusations of racial discrimination.

The EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) intervened by visiting the school, demanding that the school apologize to the learner and her family and allow her back in school. The EFF also called for the husband to cover the cost of the learner’s professional counseling.

The Gauteng Department of Education attempted to engage with the school to address compliance issues and registration regulations. However, when department officials visited the school, they found the gates closed and were unable to reach the management. As a result, the department has made the decision to issue a notice of closure to Crowthorne Christian Academy.

The department stated that they will relocate affected learners to alternative schools, as they deemed Crowthorne Christian Academy unfit to provide effective education. This incident highlights the complexities of educational policies, regulations, and the importance of providing a safe and non-discriminatory learning environment for all students.

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