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Is Jerah Moroka from #Generations son to Madongwe from #Uzalo?

The internet went wild with rumors as pictures of Jerah Moroka from Generations and Madongwe from Uzalo surfaced, suggesting they might be related. Their uncanny resemblance had everyone speculating. Could Jerah Moroka actually be the son of Uzalo’s fiery Madongwe, or is it just a case of striking similarities?

Zama Magubane, the talented actress behind Madongwe, is a devoted Christian and Mbatha’s ex-wife, residing in KwaMashu with her daughter and nieces. However, she was born in Madadeni, Newcastle, and pursued her dream of becoming a renowned actress by earning a degree in Drama and Performing Arts at Durban University of Technology.

Despite the buzz about their potential familial connection, the 38-year-old actress and the up-and-coming 22-year-old actor, Jerah Moroka, seem unlikely to be related due to their significant 16-year age gap. While Jerah hails from Meadowlands, Gauteng, Madongwe’s roots trace back to KwaZulu-Natal.

Although Madongwe has mentioned having young kids, she keeps her private life well-guarded, leaving their relationship, if any, a mystery. Paballo Mavundla, known for his role as Jerah Moroka in Generations, rose to fame and later joined the cast of House of Zwide after his stint on Generations.

Hackers Exploit iPhone Users with Pop-Up Attacks Using Flipper Zero

In a concerning revelation, hackers have found a way to annoy iPhone users with incessant pop-up prompts, urging them to connect to nearby Apple devices like AirTags, Apple TV, and AirPods. This disruptive technique is made possible by an affordable hacking tool called Flipper Zero.

How Flipper Zero Works

Hackers can use Flipper Zero, a versatile device designed for wireless attacks, to flood iPhones with pop-up attacks. This device, created by a security researcher known as Anthony, can target various devices within its range, including iPhones, car key fobs, contactless cards, and RFID cards.

Bluetooth Advertising Assault

This form of attack is termed a “Bluetooth advertising assault” because it disrupts the seamless Apple experience by exploiting Bluetooth Advertisements in the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, commonly used by Apple. These advertisements facilitate connections between Apple devices, such as connecting to an Apple Watch and sharing images through AirDrop.

Simulating the Attack

TechCrunch validated this vulnerability by replicating the attack using proof-of-concept code derived from Anthony’s research, integrated into the Flipper Zero device. The attack successfully imitated an AirTag and initiated a phone number transfer dialog on iPhones. The effectiveness of the attack varied based on the proximity of the Flipper Zero device, with close-range interactions having a limited Bluetooth range.

Concerns of Extended-Range Attacks

Anthony hinted at the possibility of more potent attacks with extended ranges, potentially spanning thousands of feet using an “amplified board.” However, he refrained from disclosing further details, as enabling spam pop-ups to travel vast distances raises significant concerns about security.

Apple’s Response

Apple has not yet commented on the matter, but security experts suggest that Apple should validate the legitimacy of devices that connect to iPhones to enhance security.

Popularity of Flipper Zero

In late 2022, a viral TikTok video showcased Flipper Zero’s capabilities, and the creator behind the tool reportedly sold 150,000 devices. Despite its seemingly innocuous appearance, Flipper Zero has become a subject of controversy due to its potential for misuse in disruptive pop-up attacks.

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