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Meet The Married Couple Who Has Spent 30 Years Without Intimacy

Meet The Married Couple Who Has Spent 30 Years Without Intimacy

Nomsa and Thabo, a married couple, have defied societal norms by maintaining a 30-year marriage without engaging in intimacy, commonly referred to as “lula lula.” According to Nomsa, they have never felt tempted to stray or engage in intimacy outside their marriage.

They express contentment and satisfaction with their relationship, emphasizing the joy and peace they find within their marriage.

“We are not missing out on anything. We have a lot of joy and peace in our marriage. We have three beautiful children who were conceived through artificial insemination. We are very blessed and grateful,” Nomsa stated.

Their unique marriage has attracted attention and curiosity from friends, family, and neighbors. While some admire their commitment and faith, others question their happiness and mental well-being.

“Some people think we are crazy or lying. They don’t understand how we can live without intimacy. They think we are unhappy or unfulfilled. But we are not. We are very happy and content. We don’t care what people think or say. We are doing what is right for us and for God,” Thabo shared.

Nomsa clarified that they do not impose their lifestyle on others and respect differing opinions. They aim to share their testimony and inspire others, hoping their story encourages couples to find happiness and fulfillment in their marriages, regardless of whether they engage in intimacy or not.

“We are not judging anyone or saying that our way is the only way. We are just sharing our story and our faith. We hope that our story can encourage other couples to trust God and to find happiness in their marriages, with or without intimacy,” Nomsa concluded.

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