DJ Zinhle finally speaks after her daughter Kairo starts spending more time with her late Baby Daddy’s girlfriend Nadia. See what she said

Johannesburg, South African DJ and businesswoman Ntombezinhle Jiyane, better known as DJ Zinhle, has shared her delight over the heartwarming relationship blossoming between her daughter Kairo Forbes and Nadia Nakai, the girlfriend of her late “baby daddy,” Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, popularly known as AKA. The poignant expression of camaraderie was unveiled through DJ Zinhle’s affectionate comment on an Instagram post.

AKA tragically lost his life on February 10 outside Wish restaurant in Durban, and since then, his seven-year-old daughter Kairo has been finding comfort and companionship in the company of Nadia Nakai.

In a recent Instagram post by Nadia Nakai, where she shared a picture alongside AKA’s father Tony Forbes, whom she affectionately referred to as “PapaMega,” DJ Zinhle chimed in with a heartwarming comment, calling herself and Nadia Nakai “co-mamas.”

The post, captioned “Bragga and PapaMega. 🌵🐴. Thank you @rockets.life,” showcased a moment of togetherness between Nadia Nakai, AKA’s father, and the endearing comment from DJ Zinhle.

Earlier in the month, Nadia Nakai shared photos of a day spent with Kairo at what seemed to be a farm, further illustrating the growing bond between them. In another touching moment, a video posted by Nadia featured her and Kairo with AKA’s song “Dangerous” playing in the background, wherein the lyrics alluded to Kairo being “the one,” expressing AKA’s desire to extend his legacy with a son.

Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding AKA’s passing, the shared moments between Nadia Nakai and Kairo reflect a positive and supportive atmosphere, showcasing the resilience of family ties in the face of loss.

As the relationship unfolds, fans are touched by the heartwarming connection between Nadia Nakai and Kairo, echoing the sentiment that love and support can flourish even in the wake of profound grief.

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