Three teenage boys perish in car accident

The three Banket teenage boys, the victims of a March car accident, were finally buried last week at Banket’s Ku-Wadzana Cemetery on Monday.

The two Muvirimi brothers, Tinoten-da and Nigel, were buried in Banket, while Mark Aidi was buried in Chitomborwizi, Makonde, on Tuesday.

The three were burned beyond recognition, and relatives had to wait over a month to get DNA forensic results conducted by the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Bulawayo.

The teenagers died in a road car accident that occurred at the 108km peg along the Ha-rare-Chirundu Highway in March when their Honda Fit vehicle caught fire after a head-on collision with a haulage truck.
They were traveling to Chinhoyi from Banket.

The accident claimed five lives. Two died at Chinhoyi Hospital, while three were burned beyond recognition, which was the main cause of the delay in their burial.

The three were Tinotenda Muvirimi (19), Mark Aidi (16), who was driving the car, and Nigel Muvirimi (17). The government assisted in funding DNA tests for the purposes of identification and also funeral expenses, including the two who were buried a month ago.

Otilia Musemwa, who is an aunt to Tino- tenda and Nigel Muvirimi, expressed gratitude for the support from the government and other people who contributed throughout the bereavement period.

“It was a difficult time for us as family, and it took longer than we expected for the DNA tests to be done, and then for them to get buried. We would like to thank the government for the assistance from day one up to now.” the areas, Zvimba District Development Co-ordinator, Anele Desmond Gumbochu-ma, urged parents to monitor their children when it comes to using vehicles on public the role of traditional leaders is valued.

Three teenage boys perish in car accident
Three teenage boys perish in car accident

National Fire Week targets resettlement areas. This Spokesperson for Aidi’s family, Evelyn Roads Mutepa said the past whole month had been difficult for the whole family. She thanked Banket residents and the government for standing with them all the way.

“We were going through hard times as we had to endure a month-long period of mourning since we could not bury our child because of DNA tests, which were to identify the remains of our child. We are indebted to both Banket residents and the government for assisting us throughout the funeral,” she said.

Speaking on behalf of the Deputy Minister of Local Government and Public Works, Marian Chombo, who is the legislator for “I urge parents to ensure that your children adhere to road regulations and not to give cars to unlicensed young drivers. Make sure your car keys are secured and avoid driving under the influence of alcohol.

“These children we are burying today are the future of our country, and it is heartbreaking when we lose them through such accidents. As a government, we are concerned about alcohol and drug abuse by our children in the country.

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