‘My heart’: Vusi Nova dismissed by hospital after chronic diagnosis

Celebrated South African singer Vusimuzi Nongxa, better known by his stage name Vusi Nova, recently touched the hearts of his devoted fans as he candidly addressed his health challenges through an Instagram video shared on Tuesday, September 26. In this candid revelation, Vusi Nova openly discussed his health struggles and emphasized the importance of self-care and health awareness.

Despite his vibrant spirit, Vusi Nova, who is now in his late 30s, acknowledged the tendency to overlook the realities of aging. This revelation followed his hospitalization and subsequent diagnosis of high blood pressure. Reflecting on this experience, he humorously remarked, “I sometimes forget that I’m not getting any younger. I feel 21!”

The talented artist, renowned for his hit song “Ndikuthandile,” shared the positive news that he had been released from the hospital and was back on his artistic journey. In a significant career move, Vusi Nova recently bid farewell to his previous record label, Muthaland Entertainment, to establish his own company named Nova Sounds, as reported by SowetanLIVE. He expressed his renewed sense of health and vitality, stating, “I got back from the hospital this morning and I’m feeling healthier and energized.”

In a heartfelt message, Vusi Nova encouraged his fans and followers on social media to prioritize their health. He candidly revealed that he had been oblivious to his high blood pressure until his body began to manifest concerning symptoms. He stressed the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, and routine medical check-ups.

Vusi Nova openly shared details of his hospitalization, recounting how he experienced fatigue and encountered heart-related issues, leading to the discovery of his high blood pressure. He humorously reflected on his initial reaction, stating, “Now I have to take blood pressure medication – imagine… I thought it was the end of me.”

The news of Vusi Nova’s health ordeal garnered a flood of supportive messages from fans on social media, reflecting their care and concern for the beloved artist’s well-being. His story serves as a reminder of the significance of health awareness and self-care, even for those who may feel youthful at heart

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