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Psychic Medium Foresees Revelation: Close Associate of Forbes Family to Unveil AKA’s Killer

Psychic Medium Foresees Revelation: Close Associate of Forbes Family to Unveil AKA’s Killer

In a startling twist of events, a psychic medium has stepped forward, asserting that an individual closely tied to the Forbes family is on the brink of unveiling the well-guarded secret behind the tragic murder of iconic rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, widely known as AKA.

A viral video circulating on social media captures the psychic medium’s proclamation that the truth about AKA’s assailant will surface in the span of a few years. During an interview with Jacinta Ngobese, the medium affirmed, “Give it some time, give it a couple of years and then the truth will come.”

Interestingly, the psychic medium’s insight takes an intriguing direction, asserting that the revelation will not emanate directly from within the family circle. Instead, it will emerge from an individual connected to the family who will inadvertently divulge vital information. The medium stated, “It’s not going to be family, it’s going to be somebody connected to the family who is going to make a mistake and come forward and say yes I know about it, it was such and such.”

When queried about the possibility of arrests, the psychic medium’s perspective is unequivocal. The prediction contends that no arrests will be made in relation to the case. The forecast asserts that this particular instance will remain one of those unfortunate scenarios where no culprits are apprehended.

AKA’s tragic death in February sent shockwaves through the South African music industry, and despite ongoing investigations, the case remains unresolved. As speculation and curiosity persist around the mystery of AKA’s untimely demise, the prophetic utterances of the Mystic Insight have ignited a fervor of intrigue. Time alone will determine whether this psychic forecast holds the key to a breakthrough in the case or merely adds to the collection of unsolved mysteries in the annals of criminal history.

Protecting Your Text Messages from Prying Eyes: A How-To Guide

In our interconnected world, virtually every device can be turned into a spying tool, not just smart speakers and webcams. Even TV tracking and drone surveillance are concerns. But what about the privacy of your text messages? Sadly, texts are not always as private as we’d like them to be, as there are covert methods to intercept them. Here’s how you can detect if someone is snooping:

For iPhone Owners:

  1. Message Forwarding: This feature forwards messages to other devices automatically, posing a potential privacy breach. To check if it’s enabled:
    • Go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding.
    • If it’s not visible, toggle off iMessage, then toggle it back on.
    • Tap Send & Receive > Use Your Apple ID for iMessage.
    • If you spot unfamiliar devices, deactivate them.
  2. Checking Call and Text Forwarding:
    • Open the Phone app, tap Keypad.
    • Dial *#21# and press the green call button.
    • Note: This might not work for all carriers and models.

To Prevent Unauthorized Access:

  1. Examine your phone settings for any abnormalities.
  2. Delete unfamiliar apps you didn’t install.
  3. Look for signs of spyware infection:
    • Phone overheating and battery drain.
    • Abnormal data usage.
    • Sluggish connection speed or message redirection.

Beware of Spyware Apps: Apps like mSpy, SpyBubble, XNSPY, Cocospy, and others are marketed for positive purposes but can be exploited by individuals with malicious intent. For iPhones, some can be remotely installed with iCloud credentials; Android versions require physical access.

To Safeguard Your Phone:

  1. Regularly delete unfamiliar apps.
    • On iPhones: Long press app icon > Remove App > Delete App.
    • On Android: Open Play Store > Profile icon > Manage apps & devices > Manage > Uninstall.
  2. Identify Spyware Indicators:
    • Battery drains rapidly.
    • Excessive data usage.
    • Slowed connection or redirected messages.

If You Suspect Infection:

  1. Change your passwords and PINs.
  2. Backup and factory reset your phone.

Protect your privacy by staying vigilant against potential spying tactics and regularly reviewing your device for unfamiliar apps or signs of infection. By following these steps, you can help ensure your personal messages remain private and secure.

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