Bheki Cele Breaks Silence: The Prolonged Pursuit for Justice in AKA’s Murder Case

Bheki Cele Breaks Silence: The Prolonged Pursuit for Justice in AKA’s Murder Case

In a perplexing case that has gripped the nation, the South African rapper, Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes, was tragically shot dead earlier this year, sending shockwaves throughout the music industry and beyond.

The incident took place outside the Wish On Florida restaurant on Florida Road, Durban, in February, causing the once-vibrant eatery to close its doors on April 10, never to be the same again.

The absence of justice has left AKA’s devoted fans in anguish, yearning for answers. National Police Commissioner General Fannie Masemola’s promise of imminent arrests and his assertion that the shooter’s identity was known stirred hope.

However, despite these declarations, four months have passed, and no arrests have been made, leaving the AKA case shrouded in mystery.

Police Minister Bheki Cele, a prominent figure in South Africa’s law enforcement, has emerged to shed light on the perplexing situation, outlining the reasons behind the lack of arrests in AKA’s murder case and hinting at when justice might be served.

While he refrained from offering a specific timeline, his statements have offered a glimmer of insight into the ongoing investigation.

Deliberate Caution in Pursuit of Justice

Bheki Cele addressed the issue during an ANC NEC meeting in Boksburg, where he revealed that the police’s deliberate approach was driven by the need to prevent mishandling the case.

He referred to the ongoing complexities faced in the notorious Senzo Meyiwa murder case, stressing the importance of avoiding a similar situation in the AKA case.

This cautious strategy, he explained, was a response to concerns that evidence could be tampered with and concerns about police inefficiency.

Notably, General Fannie Masemola had already confirmed that the suspects in AKA’s murder had been identified, along with the recovery of firearms and vehicles linked to the crime.

Cele reiterated these details but emphasized that arrests would only be made when the case had been meticulously built and was airtight.

“The fear on the AKA thing is that it is a very high-profile case. The team says when they act, they want to act on a very tight thing because they fear to arrest and let go and give us problems as one case at the present moment is giving us a lot of problems [Senzo Meyiwa murder case],” Cele explained.

Family’s Patience and Ongoing Communication

While the nation grows impatient for answers, the Forbes family, in a related development, has displayed remarkable patience throughout this arduous process. Tony Forbes, AKA’s father, unveiled that they maintain constant communication with the investigators.

Their eagerness for resolution is palpable, yet they remain understanding of the need to grant the police the necessary space to conduct thorough and meticulous investigations.

“There are days where one hopes to hear the news that something happened. But we still want to give the process space.

We are in touch with investigators and they keep us abreast. It does seem slow but it’s only [been] six months,” Tony Forbes revealed during an interview with eNCA in September.

As the enigmatic AKA murder case continues to unfold, South Africa watches with bated breath, yearning for the day when justice will be served, and the lingering questions surrounding the tragic loss of one of the nation’s most beloved musicians can finally find their answers.

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